Love Storm: Leia's ex-affair stirs up turmoil at Hotel Fürstenhof

“Love Storm”
Lia’s ex-affair with Patrick causes riots in the Fürstenhof

Lias (Deborah Muller) ex-partner Patrick (Peter Schörn) causes a lot of confusion in the “Fürstenhof” when he appears.

© ARD / Christoph Arnold

‘Love Storm’ news on GALA tape: What are Leah’s ex-lover Patrick’s intentions?

“Love Storm”: data and facts

  • “Sturm der Liebe” is the German telenovela about love in “Erste”
  • It works Monday through Friday at 3:10 pm.
  • On September 26, 2005, “Love Storm” was broadcast for the first time
  • So far there are 17 seasons
  • The film “Love Storm” was created in Bavaria’s Filmstadt in Munich. The location of the hotel “Fürstenhof” outside shots is a small place in Upper Bavaria.

“Love Storm” 2021: all the news at a glance

13. September 2021

What was Lia’s ex-patrick relationship?

After Lia (Deborah Müller, 39) suddenly encounters her ex Patrick Krieger (Peter Schorn, 43) while walking, things get turbulent at the “Fürstenhof”. He indicates that he would like to get her back, which Leah refutes at first and assures that she is happy in a relationship. However, Robert is convinced that her ex-boyfriend wants to get a job in the hotel through her.

Aryan (Viola Wedekind) pays Patrick (Peter Schorne) to break up Leah and Robert.

Aryan (Viola Wedekind) pays Patrick (Peter Schorne) to break up Leah and Robert.

© ARD / Christoph Arnold

Shortly thereafter, Patrick swore that he was definitely not looking for a job at the “Fürstenhof” and managed to calm Leah a bit. Meanwhile, Robert decided to devote more time to Lia. But Ariane soon learns how to fuel his jealousy of Patrick over and over again.

You can see how things go with Lia, Robert and Patrick in advance at the ARD Media Library and on Monday (September 13) at 3:10pm on the first.

SDL news from last week

Did you miss the ‘Love Storm’ news last week? Read all the developments in Love Storm.

You can watch “Sturm der Liebe” Monday through Friday at 3:10 pm on ARD.

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