Lots of Responsibility for Little Fee: Supervisory Board Members Underpaid رواتب

Austrians like to compare their situation with that of Germany to see where they stand. This applies to football as well as to the economy. A look at the salaries of CEOs of companies listed in Vienna’s leading ATX index shows that they are now earning almost as much as the top managers in the comparable German MDAX/SDAX.

The situation is different with supervisory boards. Salaries for supervisory boards in Austria are still well below the international level. “In Austria, you have to have roughly income and assets to become chairman of the supervisory board,” says Michael Kramarsch, partner at management consultancy hkp-Group.

And the third is less money

With an average of €107,000 per year, the wage level for heads of Austrian supervisory boards is a third lower than that of companies of about the same size listed on German MDAX/SDAX.

Kramarsch said in an interview with the APA that the amount of the reward does not match the quality of people. “The supervisory board in Austria gets paid little for the effort and amount of people it deals with, as well as in relation to the board of directors.”

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