Legacy mit NFTs: Grundstücke sorgen für Millionenumsatz

Peter Molyneux is working on a game called Legacy, which shows that NFTs promise high revenue despite being rejected by many players. More than 48 million euros have already been invested in virtual real estate.

With NFTs, two companies have crashed in the past few days, at least from a PR perspective. While Ubisoft Despite the criticism They relied on Quartz, the name of their NFT service Developer “Stalker 2” emergency brake The abdication was quickly announced.

But why would gaming companies dare to venture into this unsafe region? The answer to this is provided by the latest project from 22Cans. It is Peter Molyneux’s studio, which has received much criticism in the past. The title “Legacy”, which has not yet been announced to consoles, is based entirely on cryptocurrencies and non-fungible items (NFTs).

Buy a lot in-game

For Legacy, players have the opportunity to purchase unique digital objects in the Etherium blockchain that can be found in the game. Because NFT objects are plots of land that have become property in the game world. There buyers can become entrepreneurs and take care of the population, who, in turn, work in the factories.

“Create a successful business to expand your empire, innovate and produce better products faster, turn your small town into a huge and thriving industrial city, win competitions and earn real money by playing… all while enjoying the legacy,” the makers promise.

In the end, you can with “NFT Land Ownership” I found your blockchain company in “Legacy”. “You can play Legacy, earn money, and own your own game,” Gala Games says. It is the “blockchain game” company that 22Cans is working with.

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The statement goes on to say: “It is critical that you, as a business association owner, have access to the Legacy Keys. These items can be loaned to other people who want to start a Legacy business, making them in-game business partners. As part of your association, they will share some of the LegacyCoins that you have earned .”

The land brings in more than 48 million euros

At this point, a lot of people seem to be dealing with big companies and eager to be among the first entrepreneurs in the game. Even if the game is not yet available, NFTs are almost sold out for the land. All properties sold so far have a combined value of more than 14,000 Ethereum, or about 48 million euros.

Most Expensive Estate was a limited edition in London. It was sold for around 800,000 euros. More details about “Legacy” and the start of land sale It can be found in a blog post and on The game’s official website.

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It remains to be seen whether next year “Legacy” will be released as planned and, above all, with a sufficient set of functions. 22 cans don’t have a good reputation at this point. For example, a lot of crowdfunding money for “Godus” was raised before launch. After a poor response to the game and the “Godus Wars” branch, support has been discontinued. the Early Access – auf Steam Edition However, it is still available for a fee.

What do you think of the progress in crypto games? Would you invest any money in such content?

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