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James, Joe and Local Streep

James, Joe and Local Streep

When board members Materte, Ritchie and Strauss forcibly resigned at Deutsche Bank in 2019 – there was also brief speculation about the departure of chief financial officer James von Moltke. A year later, he was given an extension of his contract, but only for three years and not for five years, as is customary at Deutsche Bank. A sign of confidence is not first class.

Since then, the supposedly shaken candidate has turned into a quarterly bearer of good news, which investors appreciate. And so it’s no surprise that Deutsche Bank now makes Moltke (in addition to its finance job) its second vice president alongside Karl von Rohr, Bayt Al Mal announced Friday night (which already means Moltke’s contract will be extended later, possibly adding a year). A second staff change was also announced ahead of the weekend: Yngve Slyngstad, the former head of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, is moving to the supervisory board and replacing former Google director Gerhard Eshelbeek there.

And yes, the DeuBa clan wouldn’t be the DeuBa clan if there wasn’t some squabbling over the weekend.

  • Because, first: While Moltke’s message was coming from the tape, the documentary was worth watching on “ZDF Info”. “Time to be greedy. Joseph Ackermann and Deutsche Bank (please refer here)And the Where the aforementioned Ackerman, in the face of criticism from those responsible for his person today, resorted to the scornful reply that the criticism came in particular from persons “who, in personal and professional terms, were not fit for a higher post, but who then did so”.
  • The second is Bloomberg. mentioned Meanwhile, also on Friday, Deutsche Bank fired four of its New York managers after they claimed that a visit to a strip club was an ordinary expense.
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