Apple must adapt App Store guidelines in the Netherlands -

The Netherlands Consumer Protection Agency has confirmed that Apple is adjusting to its rules in the country.

ACM has long been asking Apple to allow alternative payment methods for in-app purchases. So far, however, Apple has stood in the way. The required first amendment to the terms and conditions was not sufficient.

Apple is tweaking the rules

After fines of 50 million euros, the group has again revised its rules for dating apps. These apps may add alternative payment methods in the future. These alternatives should be more visible to users.

Details of the innovations of dating apps in the Dutch app store

  • Dating app developers in the Netherlands can now take advantage of the recently launched StoreKit outbound purchase right or the StoreKit outbound purchase link entitlement, or both. This means that subscriptions outside of apps can also be removed and linked directly.
  • Payment processing criteria for externally paid subscriptions have been modified.
  • There is also a 27 percent tax on in-app sales for developers with annual sales over $1 million. Developers under this limit will have to give up 12 percent in the future.
  • A tax reduced in half on sales after one year also applies to externally concluded subscriptions.

Apple itself is not happy with these changes. The group continues to challenge the new rules in court.

via Apple / Photo: Pixabay

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