Buy PS5: Ticker from 03.28.2020 - 3 hot renewal candidates to start the week
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Last weekend, new PS5 consoles finally came out again. And today it can continue to kick off the new week with new PlayStation 5 supplies.

Update from 03/28/2022 at 11:20 AM: PS Let’s Play, a well-known and always-informed character in the hunter scene on PS5, now talks about his review for the new week. And it also emphasizes again: MediaMarkt and Saturn as well as Amazon should be closely watched this week. He also adds that OTTO should now be on the radar again. He also attributes the best chances of a drop this week to these four supply guarantees.

Update from 03/28/2022 7:00 AM: From today it’s time for all PS5 hunters: New week, new luck. And this new week looks promising. In general, almost all of the well-known PS5 dealers in this country are past their due date and could theoretically be down at any time, but three providers are impressively traded as potential supply candidates.

Make sure to keep an eye on MediaMarkt and Saturn carefully from now on. Because in an MMS, the scene pretty much assumes that the new PS5 sales campaign should start right there. Plus, things could finally get exciting again this week at internet giant Amazon. Some are speculating that after dips in France and Great Britain last week, Germany could finally follow suit.

We at will monitor the situation and all relevant developments related to the PS5 supply and will inform you here as soon as possible if there is any movement in the matter.

Buy PS5 – Offer Status Until March 27

Update from 03/27/2022 09:30 AM: After there were finally some new consoles on MediaMarkt and Müller this weekend (Thursday and Friday), the eyes of many PS5 hunters ready to buy have been fixed already at the start of the new week on Monday tomorrow. As all PS5 related providers are quite late at the moment in Germany and could be down at any time, but in the morning 3 dealers are right again – two of them in particular.

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You should be more careful with your PlayStation 5 starting March 28 at MediaMarkt and Saturn. There, after a problematic mini-campaign last Thursday (March 23), the scene is based on an immediate big sale. Because at MediaMarkt on March 23, it’s clear that not all of the PS5 that was already discovered were up for sale – at least one newly discovered bundle was not offered. In addition, only a few buyers were apparently successful. On Saturn, it was as if no orders were ever carried out. There were major technical problems. In the eyes of many, this speaks of the fact that something is yet to come.

With no more sales out there this week, expect it to happen as early as next week. In short: open your eyes again to MMS from tomorrow!

Amazon may get hot again next new week. The internet giant has already sold out the PS5 in Great Britain and France this week (also with deliveries to Germany). Some see this as a possible sign that a drop will soon follow here in Germany. You should also keep a close eye on the online giant from tomorrow.

Update from 03/26/2022 at 4:00 PM: For many players, Sony still lags behind Microsoft Game Pass. But this is about to change drastically. Apparently, Sony is supposed to revive their PS Plus service as a new premium Spartacus subscription. The first official information about the PS4 and PS5 subscription is said to be available next week.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Write Fixed game console
generation 09. Console generation
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
Release 19. November 2020

The original message from March 26, 2022: Hamburg – If you want to get a Sony PS5, it really isn’t easy with the console, which is constantly out of stock. But for a few days, there’s been a movement in the PS5 revamp. For example, yesterday, March 25th, we saw what we might call one of the month’s first true console drops. Dealer Muller has sold out the PlayStation 5 in a bundle with the current best PS5 games. Will more PS5 drops follow?

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Buying PS5: More and more console supplies are slowly being introduced by merchants

What is the current status of the Sony PS5? The past few weeks have seen a console drought like no other in Sony PS5 history. The console regeneration simply failed to show up and players were left completely dry. Now things seem to be slowly turning again. In addition to a small drop in MediaMarkt on Wednesday, Mueller followed up on Friday with new consoles. A clear trend is likely to continue into the next week.

  • The current state of new PS5 consoles from popular retailers
  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt & Saturn -> Last drop for PS5 on 03/23/2021: Big chances to renew in MediaMarkt and high chances to renew PlayStation 5 in Saturn
  • PS5 on Amazon -> Last drop for PS5 on 01/19/2021: High chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in OTTO -> Last drop for PS5 on 02/21/2021: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 site in Expert -> Last drop for PS5 05/01/2022 (in store): Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • Putting the PS5 in Muller -> Last drop for PS5 on 03/25/2021: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in PlayStation Direct -> PS5 Last Drop on March 17, 2022: Medium Chances for a Console Renew
  • The PS5 site in the alternative -> PS5 Last Big Drop on 02/28/2021 (False Alarm): Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location in Euronics -> Last drop for PS5 on 12/29/2021: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Status in MediMax -> PS5 Last Drop on 01/12/2021: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 location at GameStop -> PS5 consoles are sold in store only
  • PS5 website at ComputerUniverse -> PS5 last drop on 01/04/2022: Medium to high chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 website in Cyberport -> PS5 last drop on 08/17/2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 website at MyToys -> PS5 last drop on 12/13/2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5-Lage bei Smyths Toys -> Letzter PS5-Drop am 27.10.2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 position in the game grotto -> last PS5 drop on March 17, 2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Location in Conrad -> PS5 Last Appeared in Store on 1/14/2022: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 Location in Real -> PS5 Last Drop in Store 12/04/2021: Low chances of console regeneration
  • PS5 site in Coolblue -> no sale yet: Low chances of console regeneration

Saturn in particular is one of the most likely candidates to be the next PS5 drop. During the MediaMarkt sale on Wednesday, new PS5 bundles also appeared in the Saturn system. However, these PS5 offerings are not yet sold out. In addition, the drop of two PS5 retailers has technical problems. It’s very likely that the actual campaign – there weren’t many consoles on MediaMarkt and Saturn – will be delayed by a week. So keep an eye on PS5 retailers.

Buy PS5: Ticker on 03.26.2020 – Expect more console drops

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PS5 buy: Amazon also has good opportunities for console supplies

Amazon is also one of the retailers likely to start selling again soon. Rumors have been circulating throughout Germany’s largest mail order company for some time that the PS5 drop will happen soon here. So far, however, there have only been PS5 sales in other European countries. If the PS5 is sold on Amazon, it’s usually a Wednesday between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.

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