Home science It is already present in 88% of families in Occitanie

It is already present in 88% of families in Occitanie

It is already present in 88% of families in Occitanie

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    The tiger mosquito is back. In Occitanie, the insect has again become the subject of increased surveillance by the health authorities. More than 5 million people suffer from this scourge.

    The tiger mosquito, a fearsome insect that entered France in 2004, is making headlines once again. Occitanie, where the bug is regularly infested, will enter an enhanced monitoring phase from May 1 through November 30, according to an ARS press release published on April 28.

    The agency notes that tiger mosquitoes carry many diseases and viruses such as dengue fever, chikungunya or Zika virus.

    Tiger mosquito: the southeastern regions are particularly infested

    Mosquitoes are found almost throughout French territory. But he definitely took a place to stay in the southern region.

    The most colonized provinces (at least 40%) are Alpes Maritimes, Var, Bouches-du-Rhone, Gard, Herault, Lot-et-Garonne, Tarn and Garonne, Rhone, Pyrenees-Orientales and Corsica.

    The presence of the tiger mosquito is especially strong: “In Occitanie, 1,644 out of 4,454 municipalities in the region (44%) are colonies, accounting for 88% of the region’s population, approximately 5.5 million people. Refers to an ARS Occitanie in a file Press release on April 28.

    ARS sets up an enhanced surveillance system in Occitanie

    To reduce the spread of the tiger mosquito in Occitanie, the ARS is planning, from May 1 to November 30, a monitoring system based on three axes:

    • strengthen the control of mosquito populations;
    • awareness of people living in areas where this mosquito is present and active (puddles of stagnant water on the balcony, garden tools, buckets and litter boxes in the rain, etc.);
    • Strengthen medical surveillance of people with diseases that can be carried by mosquitoes (chikungunya, dengue, Zika).

    The agency also recommends travelers use effective repellents seven days after they return from a stay and ensure they maintain a “healthy” habitat (including avoiding any source of standing water) to ward off tiger mosquitoes.

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