Home entertainment Janine Ullman dedicates Freestyle to her deceased friend Babsy

Janine Ullman dedicates Freestyle to her deceased friend Babsy

Janine Ullman dedicates Freestyle to her deceased friend Babsy


29. April 2022-22:31 hour

It gets emotional with “Let’s Dance.” Janine Ullman (40) deals with a heavy loss of her life with her freestyle on Show 9. The TV presenter dedicated her choreography with cha-cha-cha and contemporary elements to a loved one who could only follow the song “Let’s Dance” from Heaven: her deceased friend Babsi. The 40-year-old proves her love for her friend with the tunes of Florence and the instrumental song “You Have Got The Love”. Babsy’s friends and family came to witness Jenin’s “magical moment” live on the dance floor. You can watch Janine’s tribute to friendship in our video.


The purple bows on Janine Wozold's outfit are meant to remind Pappi.

The purple bows on Janine Wozold’s outfit are meant to remind Pappi.


“I would like to remember it in a beautiful way. How loving and loving life is in it,” Janine describes her personal choice of a “magical moment.” Her story is full of happy and tragic memories – Janine and professional dancer Zolt dance exactly to this game of feelings. Janine recalls her friend: “She was a very funny person, very happy and full of love and strength. Even when she was not feeling well anymore, she took care of us.”

The now 40-year-old wants to return that love with her performance. The dancing couple also shows a passion for detail: “Papsi’s favorite color was purple, so we combined the details with purple.” And the choice of song also has a meaning: “She gave a lot of love, which is why it was a good song.” In the end, Janine was rewarded with 30 points for this great performance.

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