Pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy are now a priority

The General Directorate of Health announced in a note dated April 3 that pregnant women will be given priority for vaccination once they reach the fourth month of pregnancy.

«L.The priority for getting vaccinated against Covid-19 extends to pregnant women with or without comorbidities, starting in the second trimester of pregnancy. It’s official, women four months or older can approach a The vaccination center To be able to be vaccinated. It was announced by the General Directorate of Health in a memorandum published at the beginning of April.

But which vaccine? As the controversy over side effects of a vaccine from Astrazeneca (now renamed Vaxzevria) swells, the DGS has determined that the latter will be excluded from solutions proposed for pregnant women. Precaution is necessary! Conversely, pregnant women will benefit from the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

Today, concerned women can now schedule an injection, particularly at the giant vaccination center on the Stade de France.

But should we be worried? The latest scientific studies on this topic are somewhat reassuring. to me’The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Women who benefit from messenger RNA vaccines benefit from antibodies at levels comparable to other vaccinated patients. The same applies to rare side effects, which are equal in proportions to other non-pregnant vaccines. Conclusion After a comparative study on 131 women of childbearing age, distributed as follows: 84 pregnant women, 31 breastfeeding women, and 16 non-pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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