Home Top News Is the miracle healing? Italy’s Ciro Immobile’s Svalbard allows net rage

Is the miracle healing? Italy’s Ciro Immobile’s Svalbard allows net rage

Is the miracle healing?  Italy’s Ciro Immobile’s Svalbard allows net rage

Essen / Munich.
1-0 before Italy, Ciro Immobile wants to take a penalty and write on the lawn. Many fans do not like it.

Italy’s Star Striker Zero Immobile The European Championship quarter-final against Belgium The Cork attracted a large number of football fans. Inter Milan’s Niccolரே Parella fell 1-0 shortly before the opening goal after a fight with 31 – year – old Immobile Belgian defender John Vertonghen.

In the hope of a penalty kick, the attacker from Lazio later wrote on the ground that he seemed to be in great pain. When Parella scored for the Italians seconds later, there was no sign of immobile pain. The former Dortmund got up without any problems and laughed to celebrate the goal with his teammates.

This scene was not received by a large number of fans on the internet. Twitter was spotted on the short news service with some of the more than a thousand comments that occurred just minutes after the “I can throw”, “Hopefully punished”, “Best Italian actor after Adriano Celentano” or “Unfortunately always a part of Italian football” scene.

Italy’s Real Estate Defender Thomas Vermaelen deflects – 1-0 as follows

Former national player Per Mertseker, who specializes in ZDF, commented with a smile after the Italians’ 2-1 victory. “Immobile wants to get something out of it,” the 36-year-old said of the “lightning treatment.” “But he did one thing, that is, to distract Vermaelen. In doing so, he may have missed the millisecond that Parella could deliver. Immobile was able to redirect. “

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This controversial scene is one of the most obvious acts of Italy’s goal-scoring immobile. The game against Belgium largely overcame the former Dortmund team. 74 minutes later he was replaced by national coach Roberto Mancini, who was replaced by Andrea Pelotti.

Immobile has been very successful in competitions so far. In the first four games, Lazio’s captain scored two goals and one assist. In the semifinals, he will face the Italians against Spain on Tuesday (9pm, London). (fs)

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