Home Economy Investor Publisher: Nasdaq is serious! Power Delivery Deadline!

Investor Publisher: Nasdaq is serious! Power Delivery Deadline!


“Are you starting over?” Plug Power shareholders are likely to interact with an existing report this way or something. As it became known, the Nasdaq regulator asked the US fuel cell manufacturer to report its quarterly numbers for the first quarter immediately. To that end, another deadline for Plug Power has been set for June 14. Otherwise, there is a risk of delisting.

This means that the accounting problems are entering a new round. In fact, the group has removed the difficulties related to making improvements to its annual financial statements for 2018, 2019 and 2020 – or so it seemed. We hope that the issues related to closing the first quarter will be resolved. Because sharing Plug Power is finally really fun again at the moment. Over 50 percent in just ten days is reminiscent of last year’s amazing performance.

Recommendation to investors: Power plug It looks like he’s getting back his former strength and he’s been doing well lately. Even more disturbing are the recent troubles in trade deals. You can read how the company is doing overall in its great conduction power analysis, which you can now download for free at Pentecost. Just click here.

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