Home entertainment Bares Für Rares (ZDF): Horst Lekhtar reveals a secret – “You should not tell anyone this”

Bares Für Rares (ZDF): Horst Lekhtar reveals a secret – “You should not tell anyone this”

Bares Für Rares (ZDF): Horst Lekhtar reveals a secret – “You should not tell anyone this”

“Bares for Rares” host Horst Lechter wears his trademark twisted mustache.

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Horst Lechter appears regularly as the presenter of the junk program “Bares for Rares” with his eye-catching Schnauzer style. Now he reveals a secret about it.

Cologne – ZDF’s “Bares for Rares” is sometimes about inner values, sometimes about the look of things looking for a new owner – but rarely about presenter Horst getting to choose. Together with the team of experts and dealers, he explores the world of scrap. The 59-year-old has been wearing a cool look for years: in addition to the glasses on his nose, a meticulously designed muzzle just below the nose is a trademark of the TV artist. In a video clip on the program’s Instagram channel, followers learn funny details about the hair accessory.

“Bares for Rares” presenter Horst to choose, “Do you think he’s going to work alone?”

In the clip, expert Detlev Kommel deals with an old hairdryer that squeaks loudly across the studio. Curator Horst comes over and says, “This is exactly what it looks like in the morning.” He asks him to pick again with a smile, and begins explaining by pointing to the ends of his beard crooked upward. “Yes, did you mean it works on its own?”

Bares for Rares: Horst Lichtter reveals the secret to caring for his beard

It makes sense for the antiques expert – even Horst’s beard to choose doesn’t bow on its own. “Dry it, this is no joke,” said the then-Schnauzer wearer, then became a secret agent: “You can’t tell anyone that.” However, the trained chef delves into more details about beard care. “In the morning, after taking a shower, I comb it and then dry it with the dryer, first in the turn and then …”. The lights create a misting motion towards the beard and simulate the opposite sound.

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“Then the classic is going to be really for you,” concludes Kümmel with a look at the hairdryer. While the hairdryer isn’t moving into Horst’s house to pick, at least the community laughs are guaranteed in an Instagram post: “Someone else says, men don’t make any effort in the bathroom,” one user sums up the beard speaking with laughter. (I)

Recently, Lechter met up with expert Sven Deutschmanck, who wasn’t totally thrilled. Incidentally, Lichter didn’t believe himself in the massive success of the show at first.


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