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Germany plot in Ice Hockey World Cup! Historic win against Canada

They fought, did magic, and threw themselves into everything that flew towards the German goal – in the end, the German ice hockey cracks celebrated a historic victory that they deserved. (Everything you need to know about the 2021 World Cup)

All 64 games! The Ice Hockey World Championship will be live on SPORT1 from May 21 to June 6

After a perfect start to the tournament with two wins in 22 hours, national coach Tony Soderhome’s team defeated 26-time world champions Canada 3: 1 (2: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0) to win their first World Cup in 25 years against Ice Hockey Homeland.

“It’s unusual that we blocked shots, fought and won duels. I’ve never seen a game like this,” cheered goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger, who played a key role in the victory with 39 (!) Marches. SPORT1: “It’s very gratifying that we can win such a close game against Canada.”

German World Cup plot: “Lion wants heart”

The German team had to work hard for this feeling, however, Niederberger admitted that it was “incredibly tired”.

For example: “Thigh cramps started in the second period,” the goalie said. “It’s very hard work. But you try everything. We have the heart of a lion. You saw it today.”

Compared to 9: 4 against Italy and 5: 1 against Norway, the DEB selection again increased significantly, especially in terms of usage, underlining their medal aspirations in Riga.

With another win on Wednesday against the newly promoted Kazakhstan, the Group B leaders could already make it right for the quarterfinals. (Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany – Kazakhstan, live on TV and stream from 3pm on Wednesday)

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Mannheim’s Stephen Loip (11th) and Matthias Placha (12th) and their future club teammate Corbynian Holzer (58th) scored for the third victory in the 39th World Cup qualifier against Germany, as did young star Lucas Rachel in the first two games.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Many favorites fail

Nick Paul (19th) scored for World No. 1, who had previously lost to Latvia (0: 2) and the United States (1: 5). In addition to Canadians, favorites Sweden, Finland and Russia have already slipped against the minors.

During the last German World Cup victory over Canada in Vienna in 1996, Lucas Rachel’s father Martin, Leon Trozitlin’s father Peter and goal scorer Dieter Hegen stood on the ice. Good omen: On the way to the exciting Olympic Friday in 2018, the DEB team defeated the Maple Leafs 4-3 in the semifinals.

“We want to win the game and there’s no question about it,” defender Moritz Cedar said confidently: “The Latvians have shown the way, and now it’s our turn.”

The last fight two years ago resulted in a 1: 8 bankruptcy. However, at the time, there were still many NHL top players, and this time Canada has the youngest World Cup squad.

The Canadians, who scored only their first goal in the 111th minute, started with anger in their stomachs and German goal pressure. However, Kniterberger acted as usual and ruined the chances.

Germany is fighting

However, the goals fell on the other side: Lloyd’s leading goal was deflected by a 2-0 shot 38 seconds later after a strong prep by two – time Stanley Cup winner Tom Gonhawk.

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Canada coach Gerard Calland has retired to appoint his team. Just before the first third siren, Paul ran to the ground.

The game was now tough, with the Germans surviving two minutes into the second period, more than 3: 5, with great fighting effort.

“It’s incredible how everyone throws themselves into the scenes,” Loeb said SPORT1. Nico Kromer also acknowledged: “We took an incredible amount of interest in it. I’m proud to be a part of this team. Everyone helps.”

The Canadians’ pressure increased again in the further course of the game, but Kniterberger was always the last stop. Holzer then pushed towards the empty Canadian goal – finally perfecting the historic German World Cup plot.

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