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Indianapolis Golds Nerve Stimulation

Indianapolis Golds Nerve Stimulation

Indianapolis Golds at Jaguars in Jacksonville 11:26

Win and You’s in – Indianapolis Golds’ specifications could not have been clearer before the last game of the season in Jacksonville. With one win, the team around the star could have ended their playoff participation, pushing Jonathan Taylor back.

The Jaguars, who have won only two games so far, had other plans: strong defense crushed several Goldts drives into the bud and knocked the playoff candidates off the boat so quickly. Taylor in particular has not been able to achieve growth.

The same is true for playmaker Carson Vents, who sees no ground against aggressive defensive teams. In the third quarter, the senior made two bitter turnovers (one interception, one interception), which the Jaguars were able to turn into ten points. The Golds’ only touchdown came late in the fourth quarter.

His opponent number Trevor Lawrence finished his first NFL season with an exclamation point and was flawless. 60 minutes later, the current No. 1 pick had 223 yards and two touchdowns.

Indianapolis ended the season with a 9-8 record and are now relying on shooting assistance in the playoff race. The Jaguars improve their record to 3-14.

Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions 30:37

At the end of the season, the two NFC North rivals fought on an equal footing. Both teams showed strong play and scored four goals each. On the Lions side, Amon-Raw Saint Brown stood alone again, finishing the game with 109 receiving yards through Touchdown.

The Packers, who already hold the NFC No. 1 spot, took it easy and replaced star quarterback Aaron Rodgers at half-time. Jordan kept Love Green Bay in the lead for a while, but his two interruptions led to Detroit’s victory in the final minutes.

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The Lions improve their year-end record to 3-13-1. Green Bay (13-4) will say goodbye in a week and go to the playoffs in two weeks.

Washington Football Team 22: 7 at the New York Giants

The New York Giants continued their noses against their division rivals from the US capital. The third string quarterback can only book 177 yards to Jack Frome (including 103 passing yards from Frome) and does not go beyond Touchdown.

The football team, however, bid farewell to the season with a consensus result: Antonio Gibson (146 yards and a touchdown at 21 runs) and white receiver Terry McLaren (93 yards with 4 catches) made a key contribution to seventh. The win of the season, the second touchdown, however, was due to defense Bobby McCain, who went with an interception of over 30 yards in the final zone.

After their division title last year, Washington should be content with third place in the NFC East this year (7-10). The Giants are in a disappointing season and could not have gone past four wins (4-13).

Chicago Bears at the Minnesota Vikings 17:31

3:14 After the deficit, the Vikings really changed that in the second half and finally celebrated a deserved victory at the end of the season. Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​recorded three touchdowns and finished the game at 250 yards.

Pierce signal caller Andy Dalton failed significantly after a strong start in the second half and made two bitter interruptions in the last quarter, with first-star cornerback Patrick Peterson using a six for the Vikings.

The Minnesota season is no more than 7-10 with Chicago as 8-9.

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