Home Top News Giovanni Zarella sends a love note before the ZDF show – but not to his wife Jana Ina

Giovanni Zarella sends a love note before the ZDF show – but not to his wife Jana Ina

Giovanni Zarella sends a love note before the ZDF show – but not to his wife Jana Ina

Giovanni Jarrella not only made love on stage with her music, but also did the same behind the scenes on her own ZDF hit show.

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Giovanni Zarella is allowed to present the second edition of her own ZDF hit show. Behind the scenes, the host cheers with sugar-sweet letters.

  • On November 13, 2021, ZDF will present the second edition of the “Giovanni Zarella Show”.
  • The presenter left some special congratulations behind the scenes.
  • However, they were not spoken to by his wife Jana Ina.

Munich – He certainly wears his heart on his tongue: Giovanni Jarella. He has proven that the Italo singer is openly expressing what he feels when he deposits some particularly romantic and sugar-sweet news behind the scenes of his named ZDF hit show. But it may come as a surprise at first to whom those best wishes were said, because the recipient was not Giovanni’s wife, Jana Ina Sarrella.

Jarella is allowed to present the second edition of her ZDF show – and has prepared a special one for it

After the huge success of the first “Giovanni Zarella Show” ZDF and named editor, the long-awaited sequel to the concert was now on the show. So it’s no surprise when it evokes a very special happy feeling – especially when you’re as excited as the host of the Schleger evening. So Giovanni Sorella insisted on welcoming her shows in her own way. Accordingly, the former “Bro’Sis” singer has prepared something very special to express his gratitude and appreciation and to release some heartwarming news.

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Expect a romantic surprise at Kerstin Ott’s “Giovanni Zarrella Show”

“My Kerstin Shots”, with these words on a small card, is welcomed to Kerstin Ott Munich because he is happy to mention it on his Instagram account. “This is how you feel when you come to Giovanni in your own dressing room,” adds pop singer Giovanni Sarrella’s personalized, sweet message, “How nice of you to be back” and “I love you so much”. Of course, Kerstin returns this friendly expression of love to the show’s host at the same time: “I love you too,” he wrote to Giovanni Jarrella.

“The Giovanni Zarella Show”: Mighty Kelly also gets the message behind a personalized stage

But Kerstin’s drive alone does not receive such pleasant letters from the Italo singer. Another special girl was able to anticipate a similar love message before the second “Giovanni Zarella Show”. However, the lucky one is not the host’s wife again, but his next show guest, Mighty Kelly. “My Wonderful Might”, these handwritten words greet the musician in his dressing room – including some special dishes such as pretzel pieces that adapt to the Munich event venue. No wonder the former “Kelly family” member couldn’t get out of the frenzy about it: “What a great host. Thanks Giovanni!”, He posted on his Instagram story before appearing on the big “Giovanni Jarrella” show.

But even if an Italian with a great heart knows how to praise his colleagues, his wife Jana Ina certainly should not worry because Giovanni Jarrella will be a real family man. He shared some other sugar-sweet secrets from his personal life and planned a wonderful surprise in his best half. (Elros)

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