Criticism of tight clothes: the samba show sparked a scandal in Saudi Arabia

Criticism of tight clothes
The samba show sparked a scandal in Saudi Arabia

There is a strict interpretation of Islam in Saudi Arabia. As a result, many women in the kingdom hide their bodies in public. No wonder, then, that tight-fitting samba dancers are causing a storm of indignation in the country.

A samba show with dancers in tight clothes caused a scandal in Saudi Arabia. The governor of the city of Jazan, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser, ordered an investigation to be opened at the weekend. Pictures circulated on the Internet in recent days show three foreign women dancing samba in one of the main streets of Jizan. Take part in the local winter festival.

Women, whose nationality was not, were decorated with the colorful feathers typical of the Brazilian Carnival. As with samba performances in Brazil, their arms, stomachs, and legs were revealed. However, they didn’t show as much bare skin as the dancers at the famous carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro.

Many citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the presentation on the Internet and other media. In many cases, the organizers were summoned for punishment. “The shows are there for entertainment, not an assault on morals and taking measures against religion and the morals of society,” Muhammad al-Badshawi, a resident of Jizan, said on the Al-Ishbarija TV channel.

In the past five years, on the initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, entertainment offers for citizens have been significantly expanded – new offers include major sporting events and concerts.

However, Wahhabism still constitutes the kingdom, a strict and traditional interpretation of Islam. Most women still wear the abaya, a black cloak that covers their entire body, in public.

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