The road to the Super Bowl will be through the Tennessee Titans at AFC.

The Titans set their record with a 28:25 victory at the Houston Texans (4-13) to 12-5, thus securing a first-place finish in their conference, which also includes a first-round playoff – wild cards – and guaranteed home rights in each of the potential matches.

This hurts the Kansas City chief, who returns to the second seed despite identical records.

Tennessee lays the foundation for an away win in the second quarter, when three touchdowns led to a 21-0 lead. Ryan Tanehill throws himself warm with a total of four touchdowns (at 287 yards) in the playoffs.

Embarrassment costs for the ponies play-off ticket

The Indianapolis Colts (9-7), who shed their game card after the 11:26 defeat at the Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14), endured utter disgrace. If this actual duty had been fulfilled, post-season participation would have been dry, but the worst team in the NFL is once again a stumbling block.

Trevor Lawrence remains flawless and delivers his strongest performance, but he will remain a direct heir to the team next season: Jags still have the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, like last year.

The Colts almost made it to the playoffs anyway, but the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) and the Baltimore Ravens (8-9) didn’t favor a rare draw. The Steelers win at 16:13 after overtime, which will likely fix his playoff run and extend Ben Roethlisberger’s career by at least one game – also the Sunday Night game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers (9-7 each) doesn’t end in a draw. Which would bring both teams involved in the postseason. crows out.

Packers, Bengals: Defeat with Class B

Determines a meaningless defeat for the Green Bay Packers (13-4), the top seed in the NFC, with 30:37 with the Detroit Lions (3-13-1). Aaron Rodgers and a few junior players will be avoided in the second half. The Lions are the second team to draft their first round.

The Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) are also not in the best lineup and lost to the Cleveland Browns (8-9) 16:21.

In a duel between two potentially jobless coaches tomorrow, Mike Zimmer was victorious with the Minnesota Vikings (8-9) against Matt Nagy and Chicago Bears (6-11) 31:17. Washington FC (7-10) won the last game with a “transitional name” 22:7 at the New York Giants (4-13).

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