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HSV: The first newcomers out there – board member Boldt demoted Mutzel | NDR.de – Sports

HSV: The first newcomers out there – board member Boldt demoted Mutzel |  NDR.de – Sports

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The power struggle at HSV’s second division football team has personal consequences: according to board of directors Jonas Boldt, sporting director Michael Motzel has been cut from his duties and should only handle transfers.

“From my point of view, Michael did not fulfill his leadership role,” said Boldt’s sporting director, and openly testified that the former professional was a withdrawal move. Motzel vehemently denied this and noted that he only started discussions about the content.

However, Motzel has to be a kind of team planner – and thus has lost a greater part of his previous assignments. And that segregation of duties has already taken place in the past few weeks — and yet we have continued to work professionally, Bolt explained. The club announced on Friday upon request that there would be no official statement regarding the operation.

Glatzel remains a rap that strengthens the goalkeeper team

This statement is confirmed by the latest deals: a day after a successful early contract extension with top scorer Robert Glatzel, HSV has secured its first newcomers for next season.

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Robert Glatzel of Hamburg celebrates a goal.  © Photo Alliance / dpa |  Axel Heimkin

The 28-year-old striker extended his contract with the Second Division football club until 2025. More

Goalkeeper Matthew Raab is moving to Elbe on a free transfer from the first-team promotion from the second division. Kaiserslautern. The 23-year-old, who HSV goalkeeper coach Sven Hoh knows from his time with the Palatinate, is tentatively set to be No. 2 behind Daniel Heuer Fernandez and has signed a contract until 2026. On the other hand, there may be no more room in the squad for Marco Johansson of Sweden, although under contract until 2024. The third goalkeeper is Tom Mikkel.

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Belgium should occupy the wing

The second new signing is attacking man Felipe Belbija, who is also on a contract until 2026. The 22-year-old winger scored seven goals in 28 games for relegation side Ingolstadt last season. “He is a young, multi-talented attacking player who has made a remarkable and good development, especially in the season that has just ended. We want to continue to push this forward,” said Boldt.

Will Motzel continue after the season?

It is unclear how Motzel will continue. The season officially ends on June 30, and Motzel’s contract runs for another year. The 42-year-old has not publicly commented on the new situation. But the situation is unlikely to become easier as a result of the demotion.

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Interim Board of Directors Thomas Vustfeld, President Marcel Janssen and Sporting Director Jonas Boldt (left) of Hamburg SV © Witters

The head of the supervisory body for the second division club denied the existence of a dispute between the members of the board of directors. He also promised Boldt a new contract. more

Tensions are said to have existed between Boldt, who was two years his junior, and Motzel by a few weeks. It was about coach Tim Walter, who Motzel was said to have lost faith in in April. However, Boldt wanted to stick with Walter, who still leads the team to relegation.

The relationship between the sporting director and the team is said to have broken recently. However, HSV Chairman and AG Supervisory Board Chairman Marcell Jansen and Boldt colleague Thomas Wüstefeld remain behind Motzel.

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