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The ARS Bourgogne Franche-Comté report notes “the epidemic continues to decline but at a slower speed” in its weekly update of the situation published on Friday, June 3, 2022. If epidemiological and hospital indicators are part of a downward trend in these seven days in recent days, the health agency warns regional that “the pace of its decline is slowing.”

Positive rate “does not go up”

With the infection rate in the general population now below 150 cases per 100,000 population (143), the tide of the epidemic continues in the regions. In Yeon, the rate is 147. “However, this decline has slowed in the past seven days and the test positivity rate is still not declining, stabilizing regionally at around 15%,” the ARS identifies. This is also the case at the departmental level with 14.6%.

A reminder of the “potential danger of the virus”

The number of hospital admissions in health facilities is declining, but new admissions are still recorded every day for severe forms of COVID. “This is a reminder of the potential danger of the virus,” comments ARS. To date, the balance sheet for the epidemic in Bourgogne-Franch-Conté has reached 6,461 deaths in health institutions; 2497 in social medicine institutions.

In Yeon, 106 people are currently in hospital, including 4 in intensive care units. In the past 7 days, 3 additional deaths have been reported in the department’s hospitals.

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