Capcom had already confirmed Street Fighter 6 some time ago, and as part of Sony’s latest State of Play, the fighting game has also been introduced in more detail. Street Fighter 6 brings new and familiar characters, two new game modes, and for the first time real-time commentary.

Capcom: Street Fighter 6In Street Fighter 6…

Capcom: Street Fighter 6… the driving system must be …

Capcom: Street Fighter 6…includes more excitement

Simplified driving system and controls

With “Fighting Ground”, Street Fighter 6 will offer classic gameplay that focuses entirely on the usual brawls. According to Capcom, all known modes from Street Fighter 5 can also be found in the Fighting Ground. The trailer first shows familiar (and now somewhat older) characters like Ryu or Chun-Li, but of course there will also be some new fighters.

The Command System allows for powerful attacks during battles, but there are downsides to using the entire Command Gauge. Beginners can optionally switch to simplified controls and perform special attacks with just one click.

New game modes and live commentary

New is the “World Tour” and “Battle Hub” single-player campaign, which aims to enable players to better communicate and interact online. Capcom plans to share details about this in the near future. The trailer shows open areas in which players can move freely.

Another major innovation in Street Fighter 6 is live comments – If you wish, you can comment on your successful (and less successful) matches in real time by well-known talents from the world of esports at home. The first English and Japanese commentators have already been confirmed, and Capcom will announce more in the future. It remains to be seen if there will also be German speakers.

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Street Fighter 6 erscheint 2023 fr den PC and die PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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