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Farming Simulator 22: Collector’s Edition – US Map & Production Series Revealed


Collectors should be quick when Farming Simulator 22 comes out this year – because there will be a limited edition Collector’s Edition! The game, self-published by developer and publisher GIANTS Software, is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PC Edition will be available in limited numbers as a stylish collector’s edition that includes a high-quality branded flashlight. Players who operate heavy machinery can enjoy the glowing orange light that glows in real time according to the beacon lights of the vehicles in the game. Also includes 2 stickers, 24 branded stickers, and new editing tutorials. Depending on the region, fans can look forward to a Massey Ferguson 8S, Fendt 900 Vario, Case IH Magnum 340 or Zetor Crystal on the cover of the Standard Edition.

Bread and butter: expanding farm production chains
With the introduction of production chains, Farming Simulator 22 takes on a new economic level. Players can deliver their harvested crops to various shops and businesses for further processing. A flour mill, for example, can now produce flour that is delivered to a bakery, thus launching a profitable production chain that leads to fine bread or delicious cakes.

Depending on the goods that players want to produce, they must first supply the respective factory with several resources, such as butter or sugar. After the salable goods are produced, players can distribute them to points of sale such as the supermarket. Some of them already exist, but players can also build them themselves to expand their operations.

Hills and Landmarks: The map of the United States offers large open spaces for farm building
Farming Simulator 22 contains two new maps as well as the updated Erlengrat Alps map. Inspired by the American Midwest, the now-revealed Elmcreek map offers players large fields and wide open spaces on which to build their farm. Virtual farmers can look forward to many fields of different shapes and sizes, natively embedded in the stunning landscapes of the United States. The original venue features rivers and footpaths in mountainous regions, a flowing waterfall, a convenient highway surrounded by a baseball field, giant grain elevators, a gas station, and other buildings lining the skyline as evidenced by players’ expanding farmland. be seen.

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More info at FarmCon 21
More features and details will be revealed at FarmCon, the official and annual community event for depositors, developers, and players of the Farming Simulator series. FarmCon 21 will be broadcast live for several hours every day from July 21-23. More information and soon-to-be-released packages can be found on the official Farming Simulator website and in the GIANTS Software press area.

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