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Hamburg’s handball players will play in the German Bundesliga again next season. HSV Hamburg defeated ASV Hamm-Westfalen in the penultimate game of the season 32:28 (17:14) and third-placed Gummersbach could no longer outsmart them.

The last seconds were counted loudly in the hall – then all the players ran to the field and cheered. They hopped in a circle across the flying banners—and whistled like “Oh, how nice that is” spurted out of the speakers. The party started with the last siren. “Rise in 2021 – after low tide comes high tide,” read the shirts worn by the players.

“It’s really amazing in such a crazy season. I really can’t believe it.”
HSVH coach Torsten Janssen

HSV handball players five years after their crash Bankruptcy and the New Beginning in the Third Class North in the Senate. Ironically, when the fans came back – in the end there were 2,141 at Halle’s hamburger – coach Torsten Janssen’s team had caused quite a stir. HSVH weren’t able to use their first match ball in Dresden (31:37) a week and a half ago – and stalkers prevented VfL Gummersbach from sitting on the couch with two straight victories.

Janssen recognized as coach of the season

The match against Ham Westphalia was not the only place for the promotion break because of the spectators. First, Janssen was named Coach of the Year before the game – the game also had a lot to offer. Hamburg had a quick four-goal lead (8:4 / Niklas Weiler, 12th place), but North Germany wasn’t really confident. The hammer repeatedly approached with a single blow. A quarter of an hour before the end, Fabian Huisman had the chance to equalize at 22:22. However, his trash was banned.

After the short tremor comes joy

And this scene gave HSVH a huge boost. Three minutes later, he outnumbered Captain Wheeler, who ended up being the best shooter by seven strokes, in 25:22. Lev Facilitated immediately followed Resolution 26:22 (49) – the initial decision. As a result, Lippestädter struggled in vain to keep the hamburger off the move again. Tissier increased the lead to six goals (29:23/54.). Shortly thereafter, jubilation broke out.

The father of success – Torsten Jansen, coach of the year, was also included. “I am happy and proud of what we have achieved,” said the 2007 world champion, who has been on the sidelines at HSV since March 2017. “It’s really amazing in such a crazy season. I really can’t believe it.”

As a notable newcomer to the new chapter of the Bundesliga, it remains a routine Johannes Peter is already firmly. The national goalkeeper returns to Elbe from TVB Stuttgart. The 38-year-old has signed a contract until 2026. With planning security, more staff decisions are likely to follow.

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Andreas Rudolf © Imago Images

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Handball Torwart Johannes Bitter © Witters

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