Massive oil slick caused by Houthi attack on Red Sea ship

The US military has confirmed a significant attack on the Rubymar bulk carrier by Iran-backed rebels, resulting in substantial damage to the vessel. The ship was carrying 41,000 tons of fertilizer, raising concerns about a potential spill into the sea. This incident comes on the heels of a previous attack by Houthi rebels, which caused a 29-kilometer oil spill in the Red Sea.

According to CENTCOM, the Rubymar was slowly taking on water and transporting fertilizer when it was attacked. The possibility of a fertilizer spill could worsen the environmental disaster already facing the Red Sea. In addition to this attack, Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for an attack on a British ship in the Gulf of Aden. The ship’s operator plans to tow the vessel to Djibouti for further assessment.

The US forces have taken action by destroying seven mobile anti-ship cruise missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen. The Houthi militia has vowed to continue their attacks on shipping vessels linked to Israel, impacting major shipping companies routing through the Red Sea and Suez Canal. In response to these threats, both US and British military forces have conducted strikes on Houthi-held areas.

In a bid to protect vital shipping lanes in the Red Sea, EU foreign ministers have approved a naval mission. This mission aims to safeguard the passage of ships through the region and prevent further attacks on commercial vessels. The situation between the Houthi rebels and international military forces remains tense, with the potential for more attacks on shipping in the region. The impact of these actions on the environment and global trade remains a significant concern for all stakeholders involved.

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