US blocks Iranian state media websites

The US authorities have many websites on the Internet More Iranian State media banned. The corresponding notices on the pages referred to US sanctions laws on Tuesday. In addition to the Iranian news channels “Al-Alam” and “Press TV”, the Al-Masirah channel of the Houthi rebels was also affected. To whom. In the data were US Federal Police seals FBI and the US Department of Commerce.

The state broadcasting company, IRIB, which is affiliated with Al-Alam, said that the websites of a Palestinian radio station and a religious and cultural channel in Arabic had been blocked. Arab accused the US government of suppressing freedom of expression. Washington Join with Israel And the Saudi Together “to prevent the pro-resistance media from exposing the crimes of the US allies in the region.”

Reuters, citing an internal source, reported that the US Department of Justice is responsible for the closure. About thirty websites were affected, many of them linked to Iranian disinformation campaigns. An official statement from the government is still expected.

However, tensions between the two countries have increased recently. The new Iranian president Ibrahim Raisi He said at a press conference on Monday that he did not want to join Joe Biden In order to meet. Also at a negotiating meeting on the nuclear deal on Sunday The United States was not directly involved. Last October, US law enforcement officers took control of 92 domains said to belong to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The sites were targeting readers in the United States, EuropeMiddle East and Southeast Asia directed and said to have spread false information.

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