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Kate Winslet, Mar of Easttown Season 1 (2021) Credit: Michele K. Short / HBO / The Hollywood Archive Los Angeles CA PUB
(Photo: Michele K. Short / HBO / imago images / Cinema Publishers C)

Kate WinsletThe 45-year-old British actress enters into contracts to maintain her wrinkles. Winslet told News Portal, “I have written confirmation that I will not edit any photos.” T Online. Her face should not be narrowed, her body not altered, and wrinkles, spots or scratches not removed. She did this because she wanted to be a role model for younger colleagues. They should know that most of the glamorous pics are retouched. “Because no one looks perfect – not even a Hollywood star.”

The Paris-Nice night train is running again - prime minister on board
(Photo: Ann Christine Pujolat / dpa)

Jan CastexThe 55-year-old French Prime Minister plays the conductor of the orchestra. Castex, a train fanatic, was allowed to post ads on the night train from Paris to Nice. The train was running regularly for the first time in three years. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I ask for your attention! I warmly welcome you aboard the 5773 night train to Nice Ville,” as shown in a video. Train enthusiasts have also written a book on the Perpignan-Villefranche-de-Conflent Railway.

Werder Bremen - Borussia Dortmund
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Roman Barke, 30, Swiss soccer goalkeeper, argues with an airline in front of the Düsseldorf district court. The Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper is claiming 21,500 euros from Eurowings. Airline Porky and his girlfriend left at the airport on July 3, 2020 despite valid tickets in Dusseldorf because the flight was overcrowded, according to his lawyer. Since the ground staff could not provide an alternative, he had to charter a private jet to get to Mallorca in time, as he wanted to visit a real estate. The lawyer for the Lufthansa subsidiary said the lawsuit was baseless. Baraki and his companion were no longer there at the time of boarding. The machine took off with two free seats.

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Geoffrey Lowe, Director of the Private American Zoo, is no longer a tigers property. The US judiciary confiscated 68 lions, tigers and other big cats from his zoo. The Department of Justice said three inspections at Geoffrey Park and Lauren Lowe in Oklahoma have repeatedly found serious deficiencies in terms of animal health and welfare. Lowe became known through the Netflix series “Tiger King”, he took over his own zoo from his former business partner Joe Exotic. Exotic, nicknamed “Tiger King,” is sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring an assassin to kill an animal rights activist.

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Alyssa, 11-year-old, young American criminal, found a kidnapper with the help of specialist knowledge from a favorite series. According to prosecutors, the girl in Florida stained a blue toy of a man who was trying to drag her into a car on the way to school. “I knew this could be better evidence if the police found it,” the girl told NBC. You managed to distance yourself from the man, then the police were able to identify him after being chased with the help of CCTV recordings and this blue slime. She knows the importance of the guide because she loves to watch the TV series “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”.


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