For Emory and Casey: Estefania Woolney writes fighting songs

Estefania Woolley (19 years old) welcomes her nephews Emory and Casey in a very special way! This May, it’s time: Twins Peter, 28, and Sarvina and Nez, 26, saw the light of day 10 weeks early. Premature babies had to spend the first few weeks in the intensive care unit connected to oxygen machines. Then the moment finally came and the twins were allowed to go home. There the duo became aunt stefania Even greeted with a sentimental song!

Until recently, the large television family was concerned about the health of the “belly dwarves”. In the current episode of Die Wollnys, viewers can now experience the touching moment: without prior notice Sarafina Suddenly Peter holds the children in his arms in the living room. stefania However, I had been anticipating this moment for a long time and after the salutation she played her self-written song for the twins. “I’m sure you’ll never give up. The whole happiness was cut short, but now your hearts are crying out: Hey, we’ll live!”, the proud aunt sings in the choir of her track.

Bachelorette is so touching that other family members can barely hold back their tears Even Sylvia Woolney, the ruthless head of the household (56 years old), had water in her eyes. But now the villains can take a deep breath: Emory and Casey are well on their way and getting stronger every day.

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Twins Sarafina, Willie Casey and Emory
Estefania Woolley in September 2021

Instagram / estefaniawollny21

Estefania Woolley in September 2021
The Wollny family in September 2020

RTLZWEI / Per Florian Appelgren

The Wollny family in September 2020


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