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IG Metall takes an unusual approach at the Conti plant in Karben: The union rejects the previously negotiated social wage agreement with the auto supplier – thus risking the plant shutdown.

One month after the initial agreement on a social wage agreement for the Continental plant in Carbine (Wetraw), IG Metall let the settlement collapse. At the end of the announcement period, the company’s collective bargaining committee rejected the agreement reached with the car supplier on Friday as insufficient, as declared by the union in the Mitte district of Frankfurt. One final proposal for the solution will now be made to Continental.

There was already a 24-hour warning strike in the conflict, and IG Metall had prepared the ballot for an indefinite blow. This was discontinued after the main points agreement on April 22nd. It is unusual for the tariff commission to not accept the negotiated results, especially since similar regulations have been adopted in other Conte factories such as Babenhausen (Darmstadt-Diburg).

The union wants more protection against dismissal and higher end-of-service benefits

Frankfurt representative Michael Earhart expressed his understanding and referred to the mood among the workers: “We have started the democratic process in the company to discuss the current outcome. It turns out that the employees are expecting more.” The union is demanding more extensive protection against dismissal and higher end-of-service benefits.

He also heard from company circles that IG Metall demanded improvements for those employees who decided not to partially retire. This was for about 300 of about 1,100 employees. “None of this is outrageous,” Earhart said.

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Conte wanted to close the plant by 2023

With no acceptance, the entire electronics factory will be closed again at the end of 2023, as Continental was originally intended. In the pillars of the settlement, now rejected by the union, a partial operation of around 150 employees has been extended to the end of 2025 and long-term maintenance of the Engineering Services business district of nearly 200 people. Submitted. Additionally, there should be partial retirement, end of service benefits, and a hiring company for other employees. The plant next to the Conti-Tech division is not affected.

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, 21.05.2021, 6 p.m.


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