A fire broke out in an empty building in Johannistal, Berlin. The fire brigade is with dozens of personnel, with thick clouds of smoke rising.

The Berlin Fire Brigade set fire to the Sekelflickerdam in Berlin-Johannistal on Friday evening. According to reports, an empty warehouse is burning there. The fire brigade said on Twitter that 90 people were operating.

The roof of a warehouse in Johannistal, Berlin, is burning: smoke from the fire is found in large parts of southeastern Berlin. (Source: Swarovski / Image Image)

The social network shows photos and videos of thick smoke showing fire. In the southeast of the city, a cloud of smoke can be seen even from a great distance. The fire brigade initially did not give any reason.

The alarm application triggered the Nina alarm. “Especially a large fire (…) in the south and southeast of Berlin would lead to the strong development of smoke and unpleasant odors,” it says. Residents are asked to close windows and doors and avoid the affected area.

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