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The Chinese burn Nike sneakers.  They were offended by reports of forced labor in Uyghurs

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“We are concerned about reports of forced labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region,” the statement said at the start of the Nike website. Although we do not see the release date in the text, according to the Insider website, it was released shortly after the sanctions mentioned above were imposed. The first paragraph concludes, “Nike does not use products from the Xinjiang region, and we have made sure that our suppliers do not use any fabric or cotton from this area.”

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Martin Fry
March 29, 2021 • 14:24

Uzbek’s persistent comments sparked emotional outrage last Thursday. At the time, screen shots and translation of the concept were called Weibo on Chinese-era Twitter. One of the most popular posts on this topic was burning videos of Nike sneakers. “I burned all my Nike shoes, this is national pride. We will not be humiliated,” wrote user Juan Xuan Ming.

However, some did not pick up napkins, not even in verbal attacks. “Nike’s statement is really disgusting. He wants to throw me out,” commented Langley Sitiao of Beijing. “Nike has the courage to demand a ban on the use of Xinjiang cotton. Get out of China, “he continued.

Mass neglect

Nike’s management, like H&M, raised concerns about Uyghur working conditions last year. However, it was only after the actions of the European Union and other countries that both companies decided to end their purchase of cotton from Xinjiang. Soon, however, a severe reaction came. Swedish chain products have been recalled from leading Chinese online stores.

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Other global clothing brands are unlikely to avoid similar issues. A section of the Chinese Communist Party, called the People’s Daily, has largely ignored many companies such as Adidas, New Balance and Burberry.

The call has found support among Chinese celebrities who have been pulling out of contracts with these companies one by one in recent days. For example, actor Huang Chuan immediately ended his collaboration with H&M as a result of the Cotton Fight. According to the Chinese daily Global Times, there are more than 30 similar cases, and in addition to the above, brands such as Puma, Converse, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Uniclow are also affected.

However, in the case of Chinese Uyghur, slave labor is not the only human rights issue. The United States has accused the communist government of denying mass detention and genocide.

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