Venezuelan soldiers kill civilians and loot homes. According to Maduro, this is an anti-terrorist operation against armed groups, but the Colombian government is talking about a competitive drug fight. Conflicts, regardless of the target, greatly affect those living in border cities. Thousands of Venezuelans fled to Colombia.

“It is obvious that this is a fight between four organizations: the National Liberation Army, the FARC’s traitors, Narcotia and of course the Venezuelan army. Everyone has their interests in the drug trade,” said Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano.

People often carry only essentials with them, and there should be rows on the trembling boats. But the uncertain future in a foreign country is the only hope for many. There are those who go in the opposite direction. Members of left-wing guerrillas seek refuge in Venezuela. Mathura’s cabinet supports some of them and accuses Colombia and the United States of inciting conflict.

“We are against the worst criminals, drug dealers and murderers who have come to the territory of Venezuela in a secret agreement with the government of Ivan Duke (Colombia) against the Colombian people,” said Venezuelan President Maduro.

At the same time, the United States officially accused Mathur and his close associates of money laundering and drug trafficking. The government in Caracas is suspected of setting up its own drug business in the country. Black market revenue has since been an important source for some of Venezuela’s elite. The military has unlimited powers in this regard.

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The political situation in Venezuela has not improved, and the EU’s January announcement was a fragment of the opposition there. As a result, 27 people have stopped recognizing Juan Qaeda as the right president this year, although he and the international community condemn the dictatorial Mathura government and the illegal December elections. With the exception of the pro-government parliament in the country, the old one, led by Guido, is still functioning.


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