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Hansa Rostock starts confidently in the second German Bundesliga. The players are hot and the fans are on fire: at the start of Sunday against Heidenheim, a large crowd at Ostsstadion is certain.

“The preparations were very positive. We remained unbeaten and played against three top-flight teams. This is a good foundation,” coach Jens Hartl said before kick-off on Sunday (1pm / NDR Levecentre) at the local Ostsstadion. 1 FC Heidenheim.

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Jens Hartell gives instructions.  © IMAGO / Jan Huebner

Under coach Jens Hartl, FC Hansa has improved little by little. Rostockers want to continue this trend. The team checks. more

Brugger and Tell in the starting lineup?

Probably the most famous newcomer to North Germany is Kai Bruger, who was drawn to the coast by league rival SC Paderborn and has experience of 101 first- and second-division games. “In addition to his speed and offensive switching game, creating scoring opportunities is one of his strengths,” sporting director Martin Beckenhagen said of the smart offensive winger.

Nils Froehling (left) and Sebastian Thiel of Hansa Rostock celebrate a goal against Brondby.  © IMAGO / Jan Huebner

My voice: Hansa Rostock wants to stay humble (1 minute)

Präger has a good starting chance as Sebastian Thiel. The Luxembourg international must make up for the departure of Hanno Behrens.

“Hansa is simply a fantastic club with great traditions and an incredible fan base. That’s why I can’t wait to play at the Ostseestadion for the first time.”
Sebastian Tell

The 28-year-old has Champions League experience. He scored a goal against Real Madrid for the Moldovan FC champion Sherif Tiraspol.

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More than 20,000 fans in Ostseestadion

Thill can also look forward to a great first-timer background. Hansa sold about 14,600 season tickets (more than the previous year by 2,600) and thus set a club record – more than 20,000 spectators are expected at Ostsstadion for the match against Heidenheim.

Hertel: “We’re going to win”

Hansa did not lose to powerful Heidenheimer in three league matches and in the FA Cup last season. This series should be expanded. “We’re going to win and we want to keep the three points here,” Hartl declared. Defender Lucas Frodi expects a difficult task. “With Heidenheim we have a really good second-tier team on our way. We need to perform well,” the 27-year-old said.

Possible lineups:

Hansa Rostock: Kolke-Mallone, Frodi, Rosbach-Niedhart, Dressel, Engelson-Rhein, Thiel-Brauger, Verhoek
1. FC Heidenheim: Müller-Bosch, Sersleben, Mainka, Fuhrenbach-Gebel, Tjurkopf-Sesa, Schöbner, Pest-Kleindienst

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