The Group E games and 16 rounds were originally scheduled for the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, the Irish capital, and the San Mஸs in the center of Bilbao, Spain. As for Dublin, St. Petersburg will now step into the group stage – including where Russia will play in Group B. 16 rounds cross the Irish Sea and move to Wembley Stadium in London.

Co-organizer Spain is playing his Group E matches against Sweden, Poland and Slovakia and despite Bilbao being canceled at home. Estadio Olympico de Sevilla is advancing not only to the games of the three-time European champions, but also to the 16 rounds planned in the Basque Country.

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A graphic shows the locations for Euro 2020

Graphics: APA /; Quell: WHAT; Stadium-Illus: UEFA

A graphic shows the locations for Euro 2020

Graphics: APA /; Quell: WHAT; Stadium-Illus: UEFA

A graphic shows the locations for Euro 2020

Graphics: APA /; Quell: WHAT; Stadium-Illus: UEFA

Venues for the Austrian Games – Amsterdam on June 13 against Northern Macedonia, June 21 against Ukraine and June 17 against the Netherlands – remained unchanged on the calendar. These two cities, such as London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Baku and Rome, have already been confirmed by the UEFA. London hope to host the final on July 11 at Wembley Stadium.

Is the organizer of Munich

Speaking of three-time European champions: Germany can play their home games as planned at EM 2021 in Munich. Unlike those in charge in Dublin and Bilbao, the Bavarian capital is a guest because authorities have not refused to allow 14,500 spectators at the so-called Munich football stadium for legal reasons. “But there is no guarantee that the games can already be scheduled with spectators,” stressed Bavarian Chancellor Florian Hermann.

Nevertheless, the state government welcomed the UEFA decision and hoped that playing with fans would be possible in line with health considerations. The German Interior Ministry also stressed that the infection process has a “priority” at this time. “This will apply during the European Football Championship, if it happens in Munich,” a spokesman said Friday before the UEFA final. German Federal Health Minister Jens Spaun made it clear that games with a small audience, distance and health measures cannot be ruled out in today’s perspective – but one should not provoke high expectations.

Anciச்n des La Cartouza Stadium in Seville

Reuters / John Nazca

The Olympic Stadium in Seville will now replace Bilbao as the Spanish venue for the final.

Happiness in UEFA, frustration in Ireland

Despite warnings from Germany, UEFA President Alexander Seferin expressed his satisfaction after the board’s decision was announced. “I am delighted to welcome spectators to all European Championships to celebrate national team football across the continent,” the Slovenian said, his second “victory” since the controversial “Super League” was celebrated.

Ireland’s Sports Minister Jack Chambers was delighted. Despite the declining number of cases, the Republican government, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, does not want to guarantee that 11,000 spectators will be allowed on the Aviva Stadium, which has nearly 50,000 fans. “We are trying to reopen the community, but the promise to keep 11,000 people in one stadium by June is not possible at this time,” Chambers said.

St. Petersburg and London EM hotspots

The beneficiaries of this development are St. Petersburg and London. The three Group E games originally planned for Dublin are now taking place in Russia. This means there will be a total of seven team matches and quarter-finals at the stadium, which is already the venue for the 2018 World Cup. The eight European Championships now have the last 16 responsibilities at Wembley Stadium in London: three group matches, two rounds of 16, two semi-finals and a final on 11 July. Exactly one month in advance, the matches in Rome, which have been postponed for a year, will open with the battle between Italy and Turkey.

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