Public Cloud: Google now also has virtual machines with ARM CPUs

After AWS, Oracle, AliBaba, and Microsoft, Google now also offers VMs with ARM processors in its cloud. The Tau-T2A VMs run on 64-bit Ampere Altra CPUs with 80 Neoverse-N1 cores with ARMv8.2+ architecture. Compared to x86 CPUs, ARM processors have lower power consumption. Google recommends ARM VMs for large-scale workloads such as web servers, containerized microservices, log processing, media transcoding, or Java applications.

Tau-T2A VMs are available in various expansion phases. It has a maximum of 48 virtual CPUs with up to 4GB of RAM per CPU and a network connection of up to 32Gb/s. Popular Linux distributions such as RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and Rocky Linux that are compatible with RHEL run on it. with him Containerized OS Google also offers a particularly vulnerable Linux based on ChromiumOS that is optimized for running containers. The first Google services, including the Google Kubernetes Engine and data analytics service Dataflow, can already be used on T2A VMs.

To start, Google Cloud customers and software vendors can pre-release T2A VMs in Google Cloud regions in the US Central (Iowa, Zone A, B, F), Western Europe 4 (Netherlands, Zone A, B, and C) and Southeast Asia 1 ( Singapore, Zone B, C) Free to gain experience developing Altra CPUs. Google promises that there will be free testing of VMs with up to 8 vCPUs and 32 GB of RAM after general availability begins at the end of the year. The T2A VM with 32 vCPUs and 128 GB of RAM costs $1,232 per hour.

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