Strike at Hessian State Railways today –

A new problem for train passengers. The railway and transport union (EVG) announced last night that Hessian state railway workers are on strike today. Connections everywhere in Hesse must suffer.

Trains to the VW factory in Pounadal have been cancelled

Early in the morning, Alexander Beichel from EVG responded to the FFH request that train connections in the Alsfeld area were particularly affected – for example Gie├čen. There are also trains working from Kassel to VW missions in Baunatal, but also connections from Siegen to Limburg. At noon, connections in the Wiesbaden and Frankfurt area will also fail.

The union is demanding a minimum wage increase of 6.8 percent

In a late night press release, EVG attributed this to the continued stagnation in collective bargaining. “HLB’s management apparently believes that the legitimate interests of employees can be ignored. So we are going one step further – we have no choice,” says Alexander Beichel, head of the EVG Frankfurt office.

Warning strikes on all connections in Hess

EVG is calling for a minimum wage increase of 6.8 percent. The employer, the Hessian State Railways, rejects this and settles on a lower wage agreement with another union. In addition, EVG wants to ensure that employees can choose between more vacation or more money.

It is sad that passengers are suffering due to this

“In many of the companies with which we conclude joint agreements, these services have been a thing for a long time, which is why we now want to implement them at the Hessian State Railway,” explained Beichl. “We regret the inconvenience to passengers. “However, EVG’s closure does not rule out further labor disputes.


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