Home entertainment – “Games of the Year 2021”: Nominated

– “Games of the Year 2021”: Nominated

– “Games of the Year 2021”: Nominated

Hamburg. It is already clear: “Game of the Year 2021” will be a cooperative game that will be played together and not against each other. On Monday, Spiel des Jahres launched the board games “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (Michael Menzel / Kosmos), “MicroMacro: Crime City” (Johannes Sich / Edition Spielwiese and Pegasus Spiele) and “Zombie Teenz Evolution” (Annick Lobet / Scorpion Masqué) favorite for the “Game of the Year 2021” title. “These community experiences advance across several chapters – sometimes we fight crime in a city of hidden objects, sometimes we fight the mayor of Nottingham, sometimes the undead,” said Harald Scrappers, head of Game of the Year.

For advanced players, the jury has board games “The Lost Ruins of Arnak” (Michaela “Mín” tachová and Michal “Elwen” tach / Czech Games Edition / Heidelbär Games), “Fantastic Realms” (Bruce Glassco / Strohmann Games) and Paleo (Peter Rustemeyer / Hans im Glück) nominated for “Kennerspiel des Jahres”. In these board games, players are invited to a race of discovery full of adventures, impressive card combinations and a stone age struggle for survival. Winners for these two categories will be announced on July 19.

As early as June 14, it will be announced which of the three nominated kids’ games convinced the jury the most. Picks for “Kids’ Game of the Year” are “Dragomino” (Bruno Cathala, Marie & Wilfried Fort / Pegasus Spiele), “Fabelwelten” (Marie & Wilfried Fort / Lifestyle Boardgames) or “Mia London” (Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat / Scorpion Maske) ).

“These three stand out a little more than the rest of the very good list, because they all have well-thought-out and unusual methods,” said jury coordinator Christoph Shlewinsky. For example, “Dragomino” elegantly turns the family game “Kingdomino” into a game for children, “Fabelwelten” captivates with interactive fairy tales, lots of laughter and communication, while Mia London delivers the highest quality memory work that adults enjoy to make an effort to interact. With juniors to keep up with it. A total of nearly 100 new products were commissioned and tested by experts, children and families.

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