For this reason, the portal editor has been excluded

As was waived shortly before release, the portal editor will no longer be part of “WWE 2K22”. But why was this decision made? Demonstrates visual concepts.

WWE 2K22: For this reason, the portal editor has been disqualified

WWE 2K22, the latest branch of the long-running wrestling series, will be released this week, with which the developers at Visual Concepts want to do away with the complete technical failure of WWE 2K20.

Then during the day already First day update It’s been announced, it’s now available and several bugs fixed, and those responsible for Visual Concepts are now calling other details about “WWE 2K22”. It is said that the portal editor will be disqualified this year. With this feature, in “WWE 2K20” it was possible to modify the entries of WWE athletes or give the stars of their own making their own. But why was the portal editor removed from WWE 2K22?

The feature has caused bugs in the past

The official statement said that the feature was removed because it caused a lot of problems and bugs in “WWE 2K20”. In fact, players should have been informed in January of this year that they would have to dispense with the portal editor in “WWE 2K22”. However, for various reasons, this did not happen and the corresponding notice was published only shortly before the release.

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WWE 2K22 will be available on March 11, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. If you purchase one of the special editions, you can’t just look forward to several exclusive rewards. Plus, you can start here as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

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