Home science For the specialist, the virus unfortunately “never stops”

For the specialist, the virus unfortunately “never stops”

For the specialist, the virus unfortunately “never stops”

Since the coronavirus epidemic struck France and the whole world, the inhabitants of our dear planet have only one wish: EuroMillions winIn order to stop the coronavirus epidemic. If the numbers of the epidemic subside in France, is not over yet.

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And according to Didier Peter, an epidemiologist interviewed by Europe 1, we are not at the end of our problems.‘It is almost certain that the virus will never go away’, He said. But that’s not all, here’s the scenario he expects: “PPowerfully, it will simply join the four other coronavirus families we’ve lived with for hundreds of years and to which we all have antibodies… Maybe that’s the way we’re going In a few years. […] In the future, he will definitely catch small infections, small colds, and the little things we pick up with our grandchildren, for example.”.

The specialist, a professor at Geneva University Hospitals, points out this as well “Epidemiological conditions will be more favorable for the transmission of this virus.”. especially that “Life Inside” Because of the cold he would resume and barrier gestures would be less respectful. for him, “We’re heading into an autumn that won’t be an ordinary fall.”.

What about vaccination?

always available Europe 1The doctor mentioned the vaccination. Should we be vaccinated against Covid-19 every year? he does not have “no certainty”. However, he insists on the importance of vaccination, to avoid a rush in hospitals: “The more people we vaccinate against Covid-19 and against the flu, the less risk we risk overburdening health systems or simply life more complex.”.

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