This is my first time in Brittany! Tiger mosquitoes have been spotted and captured in Domagné, east of Rennes, ARS Bretagne announced on Thursday, August 26.

a Insecticide treatment It will be carried out by a specialized company at night from Thursday to Friday 27 August in the respective neighborhoods. Residents have been warned. The goal is to eliminate tiger mosquitoes and their larvae.

The Regional Health Agency of Brittany advises Remove and empty all places and objects that may hold rainwater. It reminds you of the measures to take to avoid the spread of the tiger mosquito.

  • Protect containers that may or may not be used from the rain
  • Make sure to completely empty all water containers at least once a week.
  • Close the openings of the rainwater collection cans tightly (with a rubber band and a piece of cloth), to prevent mosquitoes from coming to lay their eggs.

Report the presence of the tiger mosquito

The tiger mosquito is very small, measuring about 5 mm, and includes the wings and proboscis. It has black and white stripes (not yellow), on the body and legs. He lives and stings today. His bite is painful. If you see a tiger mosquito, It should be mentioned on this site.

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