What happens in Loser? The administration has so far survived the Covid-19 pandemic with incidence rates well below the national average.

But a week ago now, the infection rate has been on the rise in Loser and now stands at 106.2 cases per 100,000 residents, while it was only 28.8 cases per 100,000 residents on October 6! This is a 269% increase!

Matthew Bardel, director of the ministerial delegation of a minister at the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Occitanie, confirmed that “the epidemiological situation has deteriorated sharply for about two weeks, especially these last three or four days”, Interview with France Plo.

Low vaccination, clusters, and…

Low vaccination coverage could explain this figure. As of October 11, in fact, less than 67% of Lozériens had entered a vaccination plan, a first or second injection, or even a booster shot.

Groups also appeared in schools.

But according to Matthew Bardell, that’s not enough to explain the scale of the increase. “For example, show our colleagues from France Bleu that, despite the clusters in schools, we have a more than 500% increase in the incidence rate for children aged 45/65, who are not related to these clusters. Despite all we can Saying to each other today, we don’t have an analysis key.”

The return of the partial mask

Faced with this situation, the Prefecture of the Minister decided on Monday to return the mask to the institutions open to the public (ERP) subject to the health card.

The return of the mask to school is currently being evaluated.

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