Emmanuel Macron takes the field against his opponents

The head of state continues to travel to France so that his opponents do not benefit from the media light alone, especially in Hauts-de-France.

He hasn’t entered the race yet but he doesn’t want to be forgotten. Faced with the initial LR campaign, the tragedies of Eric Zemmour, the resistance of Marine Le Pen, the relaunch of the new Anne Hidalgo campaign or the preparation of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s programme, Emmanuel Macron continues to occupy the pockmarked terrain. The President of the Republic, while traveling Friday in Hauts-de-France, on the territory of Xavier Bertrand and Marine Le Pen, took the opportunity to review all current topics.

When his rivals are deployed, it is a matter of occupying the land, as if to confirm his intent to survive. “At work until the last minute”. First, there is the fifth wave of Covid, which is beginning to worry the country. “The booster vaccine is necessary for people over 65 years of age and people with comorbidities.” There is also a diplomatic crisis with London over fishing. We will not abandon our hunters. If the commission does not play its role, then France will (…) The commission must protect us, things are going very slowly, very calmly. “ And even the health concerns of US President Joe Biden, whom the head of state wishes a “get well soon”. By the way, Emmanuel Macron also defended his health policy and asked for time to bring about its effects.

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Before his trip, he gave an interview with North sound A retreat from the height caught the attention of Eric Zemmour, author of France has not said its last word (Rubimbri). “I don’t think France has the last word. It has a thousand-year history before it.”, confirmed.

Recreate desire

So, at work and in the country, always in the middle, that gives him his place as the outgoing president most likely to run for a second term. With all the same ants in the legs and the desire to take the fight. In any case to defend its record step by step, as on Thursday before the Association of Mayors of France.

But before launching, he must find the Martingale to succeed in creating around him again, the envy he aroused in 2017. Now pinned to the garb of the President of the Republic, he no longer takes advantage of the granny’s allure. “The rational mind of the French thinks that he is doing the job, that he has a good track record and that he represents France well, Reassures a relative of the head of state. But there is also an elusive part of them that wants change and demands dreams. “

Otherwise it is money that pours. Here in particular for the development of the new Maubeuge Hospital Centre, there is for the expansion of the RN2 Laon-Avesnes and the Sambre-Oise Canal. On Monday, after spending a weekend in Le Touquet, he will head to his hometown of Amiens to announce the creation of an annex to the French National Library. Projects that politics is never far from. Moreover, she is so close that she calls herself to Republican Party receptions with local elected officials. Like Xavier Bertrand, who challenged the president at Ascoval.

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“You may know better than anyone else”, beating the head of state, after a deaf dialogue between the two men about electricity prices. I conclude by thanking him for his presence Together with other elected officials. How to bring him back to his status as president of Hauts-de-France. To challenge him in doing so is a potential 2022 contender.

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