Hamilton catches up in Formula 1 World Cup: Verstappen limits self-harm

Hamilton catches up in Formula 1 World Cup: Verstappen limits self-harm

Hamilton catches up in the Formula 1 World Cup
Verstappen limits self-harm

With the penalty switched over shortly before the start of the race, Max Verstappen threatens an even bigger disaster at the Formula 1 premiere in Qatar. The leader in the World Cup solves his problem quickly and sustainably. However, Lewis Hamilton continues to shorten his deficit. Fernando Alonso on the podium for the first time since 2014.

With his new rainbow helmet, Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 premiere in the controversial emirate of Qatar and, with another show of strength, continued his race to catch up with the bitter world championship. The seven-time world champion claimed an undisputed victory from start to finish with his Mercedes. At the Losail International Circuit, Hamilton was relegated to second division Max Verstappen, who was penalized before the start, in Red Bull with a clear lead to second place.

“We needed those points today,” said Hamilton. “It’s been a really tough year so far. Two straight wins are a huge step forward. I feel better than I was before the last two races.” “To be second at the end and to have the best lap is very nice,” Verstappen said. “We know it’s going to be difficult until the end.”

With a solid race performance and fastest lap, Verstappen at least defended his championship lead. Ahead of the much-discussed next race in two weeks in Saudi Arabia and the final on December 12 in Abu Dhabi, the lead has shrunk to just eight points. Third place at the 102nd Grand Prix after a 102nd place finish at the Hamilton Grand Prix went sensationally to two-time world champion Fernando Alonso at the age of 40 in the Alps. Sebastian Vettel earned a point at Aston Martin in 10th. Mick Schumacher was 16 years old in Haas.

Flags responsible for Verstappen عقوبة penalty

Verstappen worked out the maximum damage against Hamilton, who regained his strength in time for the crucial World Cup stage, after the former industrial leader’s mood was already strong in the basement. Sergio Perez first missed the top ten qualifying in the second car and missed as a tactical assistant in the fight against the Silver Arrows in fourth place. Then, about two hours before the start of the race, Verstappen also received a five-place penalty for ignoring – albeit incorrectly – the double-waving yellow flags in the knockout stages. The starting position is seven instead of two next to the Hamilton pole.

“It couldn’t have been worse,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner. “It’s unbelievable. We have a billion-dollar sport,” and the FIA ​​has no control over the hosts. Signal lights along the path did not indicate any danger, but one of the guards waved twice independently. Verstappen should have seen it and noticed it anyway, because according to the regulations, signals and traffic lights are equally valid.

So it wasn’t Verstappen but Pierre Gasly was in Red Bull’s sister team (Alpha Toure) alongside Hamilton. Behind Alonso and Lando Norris at McLaren, because Bottas also had to come back, but only three places due to simply ignoring the colored yellow flags.

Nobody can follow Hamilton and Verstappen

Hamilton confidently held his position, while Alonso Gasly overtook and fought hard against rocket starter Verstappen. The Dutchman rushed past Bottas, who initially slipped to 11th, and kept pushing, catching Gasly and then Alonso.

Damage limit improved after less than a tenth of the race, gap to Hamilton: four seconds. It should also carry that, the Briton received a radio message from the Mercedes command center. Little happened at first. How surprising Hamilton’s dominance one week after his famous victory in Sao Paulo was shown by the schedule: Before the first stop, Alonso was third by more than half a minute. And so the star, who wants to support the LGBTQIA+ community in the Arabian Peninsula with his new helmet design, was able to respond comfortably to Verstappen’s tire change. He himself did not want this and quarreled, but the chest entered him. The order has not changed.

Bottas demonstrated the dangers of his one-stop strategy, bobbing a left front wheel flat across the gravel and hitting the sparks back over the track toward the pit and was eventually eliminated. During the second tire change Verstappen came first, and Hamilton was able to respond. Now it was exciting to see who would secure one point for the fastest lap of the race. Totally surprising and for the first time since the 2014 season, Fernando Alonso was celebrated at the time while still in the Ferrari, taking part in the awards ceremony as driver today.


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