EM 2021: Magenta TV with a complete failure - the premiere of all things!

At first nothing worked: Magenta TV certainly did not imagine its premiere in EM in this way.

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Magenta TV is broadcasting a European Championship match for the first time – and immediately faces major technical problems. Customers beside themselves.

Baku – what a disaster! Magenta TV is exclusively broadcasting Wales vs Switzerland in the European Championship – obviously hopelessly overburdened at first. Several payment customers are flocking to Twitter and complaining about technical issues. Deutsche Telekom’s streaming service initially did not comment on the failures. The stream appears to be up and running, but fans who wanted to buy access in no time are looking into the tube.

EM breakdown on Magenta TV: Fans received an error message – ‘I just wanted to watch football’

A screenshot of an error page that appears (“Error 503”) can be seen repeatedly on Twitter, which is probably the result of servers being overloaded. “That’s an absolute cheek,” shouted one user. Many agree with him. “I just wanted to watch football. Other subscribers are complaining that EM games are not included in the regular ‘Magenta Sport’ subscription and that you have to book an extra package. Behind it: Magenta TV and Magenta Sport are two different apps – EM 2021 only works on Magenta TV.

The problems have obviously been going on for a while: “Thousands of people have been trying to get Magenta TV for hours, but their website is fully loaded,” explains one user. For others, it is a thorn in the side anyway that the game is not broadcast by public broadcasters.

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The pay-TV broadcaster has been awarded exclusive rights to the 2021 European Championship for the first time. ARD and ZDF do not display all games – Magenta owns the only rights to ten games. (epp)


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