Rwanda flights bill enters challenging House of Lords stage

The UK Government’s Controversial Plan to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda Faces Opposition in the House of Lords

The UK government’s proposal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is currently under scrutiny in the House of Lords, with the government already facing three defeats on Monday afternoon. The plan, which was initially announced almost two years ago, aims to send migrants to east Africa with the first flights scheduled for the spring.

Amendments are being considered in the House of Lords that challenge the government’s assessment of Rwanda as a safe country. These amendments also seek to protect victims of modern slavery and exempt individuals who have supported the UK’s armed forces.

Further defeats are expected in the House of Lords this evening, with the bill likely to return to the House of Commons for further review. Speculation is rife that the legislation may coincide with the last possible moment for a general election in early May.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary James Cleverly is currently in Brussels for a meeting regarding cross-channel illegal migration involving other European countries. The situation remains tense as the government faces increasing opposition to its controversial plan. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story on Bio Prep Watch.

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