Bundesliga relegation: 1. FC Cologne close to the cliff - Hector panics in the interview

Jonas Hector showed an outstanding match in relegation.


1. FC Cologne loses the first leg of the German League relegation. Jonas Hector is furious after the match. A live broadcast bar for reading.

1. FC Cologne – Holstein Kiel 0: 1 (0: 0)

1. FC Cologne: Horn – Schmitz, Bornau, Schios, Caterpillar (46 Drexler) – Shukri, Hector, Ozkan – Wolf, Jacobs – Duda
Holstein Keel: Gilius-Neumann, Wahl, Kominda, Van den Berg-Porath, Hauptmann, Ignigowski-Bartels, Serra, Lee (57 Lorenz)
rip: 0: 1 Lorenz (58.)

>>> Update <<

Jonas Hector had to go to the interview shortly after the final whistle – and he was released. “Always these vague questions. It’s your job to ask stupid questions,” he shouted at the reporter. As a result, he refused to answer. “I really don’t know what to say now.”

The final whistle! Holstein Keel wins the first match in relegation 1-0!

91 – It will end soon! 1. FC Colin will likely lose this match.

88 – Affected faces on the bank of Cologne. Friedhelm Funkel’s team has not managed to create clear scoring opportunities and Kiel frequently picks up the pressure.

85 The attack after the attack is now heading towards the Kiel defense. Do they achieve the result over time?

83 – Chaos after a free kick! Anderson waits for recoil and gets seven meters from the gate. But Newman throws himself regardless of losses and maintains the lead for Kale.

82 Ten minutes left around the clock. Good free-kicks site for Hector. Does he make it?

80 Hector tries a shot, but the bullet passes shortly.

78 – And now it’s almost 2-0! Sera leads the bar and hurts herself. Not many were missing – Cologne was lucky.

75 – Horst Heldt on the sidelines doesn’t even want to look anymore. Avza time is running out – it’s only the first leg, but with defeat it will be difficult to get out of the house. Keel is defending well right now.

73 – Some Kiel folks are actually playing a little on time. Slowly but surely the final stage is starting, can Colin’s team achieve something again?

70 – The ball is in Keel’s net but Zoer offside whistle – right. The townspeople in the cathedral now throw it all out.

68 – Now that’s a tough job for me! Funkel-Elf knows they still really have to score a goal here on their home turf. Of course Kiel is very satisfied with the result and closes rooms.

64 – My thanks! Very solid work for six colons. First he wins the ball, then finishes it in an excellent position – but he shoots straight at Jilius. Funkel now brings forward Anderson in place of Ozcan and Tillman in place of Wolff. On the other hand, Reese comes for Porath.

58 – TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR by Holstein Kiel! Ex-lion Simon Lorenz shocked beat him! Kiel coach Ole Werner shows a golden hand – Lorenz has been on the field for only a minute! After a corner kick, the defender jumps all the way up and scores the important goal away to Kale. What is the reaction of the Bundesliga team?

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55 – A chance for cologne! Shukry tried in the second row, and two of Colonia rushed to the far post. The first chance in the second half.

52 – After the break, it became a very messy issue again. Cologne is going through a rough time, Kiel is waiting. Afza’s third yellow card: The Zoe also warned Wolfe of a bad kick.

50 – Yellow for Al Shukairy for playing the dangerous game.

49 Dominic Drexler has played with Noah Caterbach since the end of the first half. Funkel wants more attack and brings an offensive player to his left back. For defense, that means: a series of three.

47 Kowloon residents repeatedly complain about Zoer’s rule. They see themselves at a disadvantage as neutrals. Marius Wolf sees yellow for his mistake.

The second half has begun! The landing continues. Are the gates falling off now?

Half the time – 1. FC Colin showed decent first half performance and they are the best team – but so far there is still zero on both sides. Jonas Hector is by far the most visible player, as the captain surprisingly finds himself at the center of the storm, where Avza lacks a true striker. Referee’s decision Felix Zoire caused controversy, as he whistled back to Hector after a brave effort against Kiel goalkeeper Jellius. Stay exciting!

Half the time! Zoer requests the players to enter the locker room.

45 – Now it’s getting dangerous again! Doda does not hesitate to the edge of the box and zap – just up.

44 – Ignjovski brutally exonerates Doda. He can be very satisfied with the yellow card, you can definitely give the red color to such actions – the guy from Kiel got the Slovakian ankle.

43 Keel can be released again shortly before the end of the first half. It looks like the fracture will go aimlessly.

41 – Timo Horn could step in from time to time. He has a harmless header from Sera for sure.

39 Marius Wolf cannot control Kiel. Repeatedly it penetrates the left side and creates danger.

36 Meanwhile, a keel can be pushed deeper and deeper into the back. Avza is the team outperforming more quickly. Is the first hit coming here soon?

32 – Is this 1. FC Hector? Issue 14 is currently taking part in every action. Again it goes to Gilius, but not against the rules – Zoer still sounds the whistling again. A controversial decision, much discussed on the pitch. The ball was going to go in.

30 – Once again, Hector is in the spotlight! With great effort, he grabbed the ball from Kominda and then tried it himself from a tight angle; however, Kiel’s central defender could equalize his ball loss by interfering.

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26 – Hector practically plays as a striker and fills the space for Sebastian Anderson, who sits on the bench. The former national team player and captain sets a good example and is always the first to enter the opposition’s line of defense.

24 Jonas Hector has jumped above Kiel’s goalkeeper Gillius’ ability to snatch it, but the referee sees Zoe’s mistake by Colony. Shortly thereafter, there is another corner of Cologne, the pressure from the Bundesliga club is mounting.

20 Kiel plays bravely and accepts duels. But even with storks there is still a lack of offensive play.

16 Cologne is now fairly in the driver’s seat, without emitting major risks. As he advanced towards the goal, Friedhelm Fonkell’s team became more active. Hauptmann has now reached Kiel’s conclusion, but Colon’s defense can clear it up.

12 – Kiel with the first chance! Bartels escapes from Katterbach on the right and strikes Porath, whose shot sprints off target.

10 Great start, both teams want to quickly block their midfield – this creates a somewhat messy game. But in duels, it is already clear that both Kiel and Cologne absolutely want to win.

6 Handball – Caterpillar, a free kick by Holstein Kiel. But the Cross of Porath does not find a buyer.

4 Marius Wolff has a nosebleed. The game was paused for a short time.

2 – Cologne begins boldly! Wolf serves Hector in the back room, whose shot is blocked. That was a very good position.

Starting! The descent begins between the first and second degrees. Felix Zoer will manage the match.

Update 6:20 p.m.: “After the disappointment on the last day of the game, the players gave us another chance. Now we have another chance. Everyone has to help and mobilize the last bit of strength,” said Stork coach Oli Werner before the match. The kick start is about to start, and the tension is running high.

Update May 26, 6:06 p.m.: Horst Heldt, Head of Sports at 1. FC Köln before the match: “The team did a great job against Schalke. We played brilliantly and decisively, and we have to continue that day.” Avza got a chance to stay in the league at the last minute, but does he use it?

Just under half an hour until kick-off. Elimination games are often lacking in quality, but the all-or-nothing character is always unique.

Update May 26, 5:41 pm: Line up here! As many changes are to be expected for Kiel, he is basically a new team. Friedhelm Funkel surprised a team without a real striker.

Update May 26, 5:04 p.m.: Slowly bearish top formations are expected. 1. FC Köln are favorites, but both matches must be played first. They are sure to gather fans somewhere in town, as they did in the last round against Schalke 04. The police issued a clear announcement to the fans.

Sven Roth, Director of Operations, declared, “Anyone who offends a physical landing tomorrow to burn dangerous fireworks or attack the emergency services, will be excluded from deliberation by us.” The current bottle ban near the stadium should also be more stringent.

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Update from May 26, 4:31 p.m.: In two hours, everything will go on for 1. FC Köln and Holstein Kiel – go landing is coming! Could Team Kiel rise again after flirtatious direct boarding and deliver a real fight? We are in the live video.

German League Relegation: 1. FC Cologne against Holstein Kiel in the live tape

First report from May 25: Cologne – An emotional world turned upside down before relegation: Most of the time, the Bundesliga team goes to the knockout stage with quivering knees and in fear of relegation, while the second division eagerly awaits the opportunity to rise. At 1. FC Köln * and Holstein Kiel, the emotional situation varies before the first duel on Wednesday (6.30 PM / DAZN): The Bundesliga club from Cologne sees the relegation after the last jump from the live relegation arrangement as a gift. After a straightforward, fun-filled and incredibly challenging program last month, Keelers ran both mentally and physically over the edge of an abyss.

Cologne coach Fredhelm Funkel has great confidence after saving his team Schalke 1-0. He was “convinced we can do this.” In his long career stretching over two games, the 67-year-old could finally become a savior for Cologne if he keeps the Bailey Goats in the Bundesliga *.

1. FC Cologne vs Holstein Kiel in the German Bundesliga relegation in the live broadcast tape: “Extremely bitter”

Finkel’s teammate, Uli Werner (33), who was not even half his life, looked extremely exhausted after the last 3-2 defeat at Darmstadt, as if everything was over. “This is very bitter. A lot has happened in the mind. Now it is about physical and mental regeneration,” said the coach, whose team had to play eight competitive matches in 29 days after the double quarantine.

Project Progress * in Kiel became more difficult due to the personal situation. While in Störchen with Alexander Mühling and Jonas Meffert, two of the best midfield performers were suspended for the first leg in Cologne, at FC with Ellyes Skhiri and Ismail Jakobs two important players returned after the suspension.

Cologne welcomes Kiel for relegation in the Bundesliga: ego against the mood for everything now?

Only the arrogance remains with the candidates such as Colin’s risk and Keel’s chance: “We cannot expect them to be disappointed. We are preparing for a more mood now in Kiel.” The veteran also does not want to rely on the statistics that the first division team has won seven times. In the past eight years.

Meanwhile, storks, who want to become Schleswig-Holstein’s first team *, play screaming outsiders. “We were always the strongest when no one was cursing us,” said Werner. As is now evident, this has been the case at most in the Cup matches against Bayern and Dortmund this season. But Keelers won one of them. (Dpa) * tz.de is a demo of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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