Edinson Cavani scored the crucial balance for his team.


Outsiders Villarreal face Manchester United in the first European Cup final of the week. Will the Spaniards create a stir in Gdansk?

  • Europa League Final *: Villarreal CF – Manchester United | Wednesday, 9 p.m.
  • In the Europa League final, foreigner Villarreal has a chance to make history.
  • Manchester United won the first major title in club history against heavyweight.

Europa-League-Final: FC Villarreal – Manchester United 1: 1 (1: 0)

Villarreal CF Series: Rully – Foth (88. Caspar), Albiol, Torres, Petraza (87. A. Moreno) – Parejo, Kapu, Trigross (77. Gomes) – Moreno, Pacquiao (60. Coqueline), Pino (77. Alcosar)
Manchester United: De Gea – Van-Pisa, Lindelof, Bailey, Shaw – Bokba, McDomine – Greenwood, Fernandez, Rashford – Gavani
Tear: 1: 0 g. Moreno (29.), 1: 1 Cavani (55.)

>> Update <

101 – If things are dangerous in villainy, it is through standards. Danny Barrejo brings the balls back to the penalty area, this time de Jia leaving the ball.

99 – There is change! Greenwood goes outside, Fred comes in. So Bokba will probably make progress.

96 – Villarreal is true to the clear plan – the Spaniards are still perfect, not coming to the stars of the Red Devils. Soulscare has not changed yet. What is he waiting for?

94 – Now it’s about a moment, a side of geniuses. But at present it is a very dull affair. Very active Uni Emery, he is sidelined.

Extension Whistle! Now that your legs are getting heavier, who likes this more?

The final whistle! There is an extension. Man, that’s awesome. Consistent with 1: 1 performance, the best scoring chances were low throughout the game. Although Emery has already made five changes, Soulscare has not made any changes. In overtime it is an advantage.

90 – Pav Torres may have had the last degree, and his effort surpassed it. There was a lot more to it.

88 – Strange idle at the end of the game! Everything boils down to extension. Bokba tries to head back.

82 – Soulscare hasn’t changed yet – maybe it’s time. Juan Mata or Tony van de Peek would be possible options.

78 – The bog is placed by the foie gras on the edge of the box, but the turbine whistle is quiet. The final phase starts slowly and now it looks like an extension. Is there still a lucky punch?

75 – Emery now brings an old friend from the Bundesliga: Paco Alcazar has to prove his Joker qualities again. He’s coming for Jeremy Pino.

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72 – The possibilities are getting better! Shaw tries to shoot with his weak foot, the ball slips off his instep. Kawani reacts quickly and keeps his skull out. The ball goes towards the goal, but Pav Torres is there last time.

70 – Great opportunity for Marcus Rashford – but he whistles again. He failed miserably from five meters anyway.

68 – United regain control and look for gaps in their defense. But they are still having a hard time.

64 – Now this is an open exchange! The ball goes back and forth, demanding a hand penalty between English. But the hand was put on as shown again.

62 – After the draw, the pace turned, but the Spaniards still hold up well. United is not like setting off attack firecrackers now.

55 – TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR to Manchester United! There it is, Clipper! Edinson Cavani takes the lead after Marcus Rashford’s deflected volley and spits the ball towards the goal. Everything back to zero. The target is still being tested offside, but the target is being calculated.

54 – Kabu sees the yellow. McDomine somehow gets confused in the penalty area, but shoots at it.

52 – Cavani has not been seen yet, and Fernandez and Pogba are not alone. Now increasingly inaccurate playbacks are creeping up. A turning point is needed if the English are to lift the trophy today.

50 – Sometimes what United do with the ball is unimaginable. Again and again they try long diagonal balls, but they do not come often.

47 – The bold start of the Spaniards! De Gea creates a moment of shock by not catching the ball. Villarreal currently owns more.

The second half kicked in! Can Manchester United turn the game around?

Half the time! Villerial goes halfway through the guided tour – is there a big surprise coming here?

44 – Rashboard with a strong personal action, but collectively the yellow colors protect it well. After a while, Greenwood starts a run and puts the ball dangerously in the middle. He hit on the leg of Raul Albiol, almost on his own goal! But the Spaniards can clarify.

41 – It will be mostly slow at Manchester United. They run the ball well, control the game, but are not dangerous enough.

37 – Ole Gunner Soulscare is angry – The Red Devils can’t think much at this point. Compensation before half time is not important.

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35 – It doesn’t come out at all. Manchester United again show weaknesses after a set piece and should now run after a deficit. Here the outsider has a real opportunity to make history.

29 – God Gerard Moreno takes the lead behind! Parejo brings a free kick as soft as butter to the penalty area, with Moreno pushing Lindelof away and pushing him inside. This is already his seventh goal in the knockout stage of the Europa League!

25 – Jeremy Pino is by far the most dangerous on the yellow submarine. However, he is still not an issue for De Jia. The better chances are still slim, and the English are still setting the tone.

21 – Now Villarreal is positioning itself in the other half. Except for a long distance shot, not much came out of it. Instead, Cavani is sent to the other side, but the Uruguayan cannot handle the heavy ball.

17 – Soulscare-Elf Villarreal was put under pressure very early on. The Spaniards are not used to it – and act with uncertainty. The last line is good so far. Shaw tries a shot, but he doesn’t aim well.

12 – Clear roles so far: United attack, Villarreal defends. However, there is still no chance to score. Villarreal tries again and again to close the center around Pokாmon, which sometimes succeeds, sometimes not.

9 – The first change is immediate. Foth lies on the ground next to the Spaniards after accidentally slapping him in the face, but it can continue.

6 – McDomine with the first degree – the way is over.

5 – United favorites live up to its role and command in the first few minutes. Villarreal is still nervous – understandably, this is the biggest game in the club’s history.

2 – “Senor Europa League” Villarreal coach Unai Emery today – he is already playing in his fourth Europa League final.

Kick-off! Clement Turbine whistle for the endcom.

May 26, 8.45pm Update: It starts in 15 minutes! The first of two major finals in European football begins. Who gets the pot? Paul Pogba and Edinson Cavani are in the starting line-up for Ole Gunner Soulskeijer’s Manchester United squad.

Update May 7, 7:28 pm: A lot is already happening in Gdansk, with fans of the Red Devils and numerous Spaniards gathering in the city, vowing for the upcoming final. 9,500 fans are allowed on the field. Kick-off in an hour and a half!

Europa League: Final between Villarreal and Manchester United in a live ticker

Update from May 26, 4:49 p.m. Of course, Manchester United is a favorite tonight. But: a statistic should give courage to Villarreal FC. The Spanish team has won each of the last 15 Europa League finals with Spanish participation. Is the “yellow submarine” celebrating its first major title in club history today?

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First report since May 26: Gdansk – Late players Villarreal FC and Manchester United face each other at the Energy Stadium in Gdansk on Wednesday evening in the Europa League final. Runner-up in the Premier League * Looking at his second Europa League victory after winning the final in 2017, a historic opportunity opens up for the Spaniards.

Europa League: Emery wins three finals between Villarreal and Manchester United in Live Ticker

Comparing only the international successes of the two clubs, one can see a clear pattern. Although Manchester could look back on two Champions League titles and one European Cup and other trophies, Villarreal won the UI Cup, which was eliminated twice again. Nationally, the Eastern Spaniards have never won a title, setting a record with 20 championships at Red Devils Island.

But the city of 50,000 in the north of Valencia wants to create a miracle against all inequalities, with the United Emery team shutting down their former club Arsenal in the semi-finals. Earlier, RB finished seventh in the Spanish league. Won against Salzburg, Dynamo Kiev and Dynamo Zagreb. The coach is also an old hand in this competition, he won three consecutive times with Sevilla FC from 2014 to 2016 *.

Europa League: Final between Villarreal and Manchester United in Live Ticker – Will Soulscare win a European Cup as coach?

On the way to the final, Real Sociedad, A.C. After successful knockout rounds against Milan and Granada, some top players were eliminated from the tournament, after which A.S. High score and one-sided semi-final against Roma (6: 2, 2: 3). After going to the final, it must now function with a title again, since winning the Europa League and the League Cup in 2017, there is no further sense of achievement. The English have not experienced such dry writing since the 1980s.

“Winning a trophy will make you confident, and it can make you even more hungry,” United manager Ole Gunner told Soulscare before the game. He knows a lot about the finals, so he set a successful goal for his current club. Will Manchester United’s stars create a new era with Wednesday’s title or will Villarreal win the first major title in the club’s history? (ajr) * tz.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA


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