Home science Employers will have to negotiate a minimum number of working days remotely

Employers will have to negotiate a minimum number of working days remotely

Employers will have to negotiate a minimum number of working days remotely

As part of local social dialogue, employers will have to set a minimum number of telecommuting days per week starting June 9. – Alili Murad / Ciba

If the French have not finished working remotely, the rules become looser. Starting June 9, the new corporate health protocol goes into effect. Among the measures to be taken: “The minimum number of telecommuting days per week” must be set by employers. The text, according to the executive, will be discussed on Monday via a video conference between the social partners and the Minister of Labor.

Since the end of October 2020, the National Company’s protocol stipulates that for employees who can perform all their tasks remotely, “the working time performed by remote work shall be increased to 100%”. Since January, a valve has been added, with the possibility of returning one day a week.

The return of employees should be gradual

A reminder that telecommuting “can be considered one of the most effective measures to prevent the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2,” and the new protocol states that “employers shall set within the framework of local social dialogue a minimum number of remote work days per week, For activities that allow it. “

To prepare an agreement on telework, employers in particular can take inspiration from the National Inter-Professionals Agreement (ANI) which “constitutes a useful frame of reference” according to the text. At the Ministry of Labor, it was emphasized that “an employer who will require all of his employees to return to 100% as of June 9 will not apply the protocol.” We insist that remote employees return “gradually”.

The possibility of organizing utensils

The employer in the country, for his part, has set three days for remote work from June 9 for public service. The draft text states that “audio or videoconferencing should be preferred”. “When face-to-face meetings are held, they must respect the barrier gestures, in particular the wearing of the mask and the ventilation / ventilation measures for buildings as well as the rules for distancing,” he explains.

The protocol also restores the possibility of organizing “moments of coexistence that bring employees together face-to-face within the professional framework”. These jars have been suspended since the end of October and can be organized “in strict compliance with barrier gestures, in particular indoor wearing of the mask, ventilation / ventilation measures, as well as exclusion rules”. For group dining, the protocol refers to a specific paper that will be updated in the coming days and will follow the rules in place in restaurants.



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