Covid-19: Vaccination is slowing down in France

Health Minister Olivier Veran had spoken of a “feat of work” to be done with regard to vaccination. He expected to make “at least 25 million injections, with an average of 5 million injections per week” from January 1 to February 15, but the total was only 12.1 million injections by January 27, according to reverberation. These results can be explained by a large epidemic wave that has infected several million French people since the beginning of the year, reaching 500,000 positive cases every day. And any infection can be considered as a lower injection to perform.

This may explain the worsening slowdown in recent days. The Ministry of Health acknowledges that “the pace this week was not satisfactory.” Over seven days, there were only 1.3 million injections, including 1.2 million reminders. Far from the target of 5 million per week. “But we always have very good numbers as deadlines approach,” we caution.

On Friday, January 28, the Ministry of Health counted 7.5 million people whose permits will likely have expired because no recall was issued or positive for Covid-19 was detected. Their number was 9 million last Tuesday, warns the same source with our colleagues.

800,000 new infections by February 15

Will they have to say goodbye to cafes, restaurants, concerts, or even travel? not nessacary. According to internal forecasts from the Ministry of Health, by February 15, within this population, there will be 800,000 new infections, in addition to 3.6 million vaccines already scheduled.

In total, there will still be 3 million adults “at risk” in mid-February. This Friday, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Olivier Ferrand called on latecomers to make an appointment to receive their third dose. He also mentioned that more than 2 million appointments are open. “We will increase the supply when the demand is increased and justified,” he said.

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France, a rather good student, had 35 million reminders on Friday and not far from 54 million first injections. The first doses progress relatively slowly. Since January 1, 992,000 injections have been made, 140,000 in the past seven days. “It’s still the size of a big city every week,” said one of the entourage, Olivier Veran.


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