RPP sends its first gender-fluid commissioner on track and dares to move farther. There have been negative reactions before Vincent Rose started, but they are completely false: the new guy is a super cool guy.

Vincent Rose (Andre Cosmarsic) wears a skirt and Kajal, prefers to be more into pyrotechnics than coffee, and enjoys a little bit of beer and grilled meat – beyond the comprehension of his colleague Rosek (Lucas Grigorovich). Vincent is the name of a newcomer to the German-police “police call”. Or the newcomer, the Detective Inspector candidate has no choice but to catch the pigeon, but life goes through the gender fluid. Depending on the situation and mood, Vincent decides whether he wants to be a woman, a man or something in between. Since literacy and Vincent are primarily a man in his first “police call” we still write the rest of the text in the classic way of “him”.


A good guy: Vincent Rose.

(Photo: rbb / Rudolf Wernicke)

That, too, does not bother Inspector Rose, on the contrary: the newcomer to the German-Polish police force is brilliantly practical about his differences. He is aware of common prejudices and subdues them with his own charm and attractive combination of directness and sensitivity. This is particularly evident in the conversation with his new partner Rasek (Lucas Grigorovich): the experienced investigator, with a combination of hard hand and supportive guidance, wants to push the newcomer into a classic step – after a while he realizes that he is still there. You can learn a lot from Ross.

Speed, sleeping pills and alcohol

Because behind Rosek’s obsession with masculinity, as often happens, there is one thing above all else: insecurity and fear. The main scene was provided by “Hilde’s Legacy” after the barbecue evening: Rasek lies drunk in his garden lounger, tells his life story to the newcomer and speaks well of his presence as a lone wolf. Until Rose finally summed it up: “Divorced, has no contact with children, some friends. Not young, not sexually abused, tired at work. Carrying a lot with you, how to deal with all the pain?”

With speed, sleeping pills and lots of alcohol. “He (Rasek, author’s note) feels lazy, tired, and aging,” director Eoin Moore describes the situation. “He can not sleep at night, he can not keep his eyes open during the day. He tries to compensate with self – medication. Then comes his new colleague – young, alert, active and fast. It makes Adam very calm.” But “Vincent’s empathy and directness will elevate Adam’s weaknesses – this will lead to a friendship.”

It will be very exciting to see how RPP builds its new investigative team. Also, since it should not be popular with the audience, it is shown by angry letters in the author’s email inbox after our quick check – from readers who have not seen the picture before. However, considering the important starting point, the makers of “Polizeiruf” have taken the right path: Vincent Rose is a super cool guy, he wants you to see the trial at the end of the day. This is mainly due to Andre Cosmarsic, who is by far the only one known from the theater – and, like many trained stage actors, has an amazing presence in front of the camera. One can count on Kaczmarczyk enjoying television in general and the “police call” in particular.


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