Home entertainment Cheyenne Oschenknecht gets over her feelings

Cheyenne Oschenknecht gets over her feelings

Cheyenne Oschenknecht gets over her feelings


February 25, 2022 – 10:53 pm hour

Great feelings in the first live show of “Let’s Dance”. There, her emotions suddenly flooded with Cheyenne Uchenknecht. But how does that happen and what does that have to do with Joachim Lambie’s judgment and the sweet words from Victoria Swarovski? We explain. We show you Cheyenne’s emotional outburst in the video above.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: “I don’t know that side of myself”

After her performance in the pre-show “Let’s Dance”, Cheyenne had to deal with many negative comments on social media. Words that also leave their mark on the 21-year-old. For them, there is only one solution: present everything in the first live show and show what’s inside. That’s exactly what Cheyenne does and eventually can convince juror Joachim Lambie: “I noticed you trained hard with Evgeny for a week. I think you can do more. Today it was really cool.” The result is: 20 points for a quick move.

This only makes Cheyenne happy and then tears suddenly fall in the presence of Victoria Swarovski. but why? Victoria gives a special compliment to Cheyenne: “Cheyenne is becoming a very young mother and I take my hat off for that. You have a daughter, you train and you do and you do and we are all so proud of you.” The fact that she can let her feelings break free is also completely new for the 21-year-old. “I don’t even know that side of myself. I’m the most unemotional person,” she reveals. But with “Let’s Dance” anything is possible.

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Video: Here’s Cheyenne Dance Quickstep

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