Energy transition in transportation: A 30% reduction in CO2 emissions from heavy commercial vehicles can be achieved by 2030

VDI / VDE Traffic Study

25. February 2022

Written by Peter Kellerhoff

This is the result of a joint study by the engineering societies VDI and VDE. For this to work, rapid and massive expansion of hydrogen and shipping infrastructure is necessary.

Daimler Truck received road approval for fuel cell trucks in October 2021.
Photo: Daimler Truck AG

joint study “Climate Friendly Commercial Vehicles” From the Federation of German Engineers (VDI) and the Society for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology (VDE) came to the conclusion that around 200,000 zero-emission trucks will have to be used in Europe by 2030 in order to reduce CO22Reducing heavy vehicle emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. In addition to electric battery-powered engines, the study also compared those with fuel cells, synthetic fuels and pneumatic lines.


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